Fishing for bleak: a selection of bait and tackle

Bleak is a small fish that live in reservoirs, rivers, lakes in the upper layers of water. Distributed almost throughout Europe except the most southern countries. Loves deep and quiet water, going near bridges, sewers, piles or rafts. It belongs to the family Cyprinidae. Dark gray green back combined with a silvery abdomen and sides, fins grey with a yellow-red tint. Her body is long and tapered, the lower jaw much wrapped up. It reaches a size of 10-15 cm, and weighs about 60-80 g.

It is gregarious, very lively and active fish that is constantly in search of food. Not considered commercial fish because of their small size, and lovers often catch her because of the excellent taste. Well, she is, this little fish can be a great bait for burbot.

What bite bleak?

Perch biting on:

  • animals;
  • plant;
  • the artificial bait.

Living tips are all insects that fly and larvae. To use a live nozzle is in those waters, where the usual large bleak. It is very important that the insects were alive. You can use two leashes with different nozzle on the bottom to spread the bloodworms, and the top piece of dough. Alternatively, put the nozzle in half-waters with the red worm. These types of fishing justified in the early and mid-autumn.

Leading bait, giving a good catch, is a maggot, if the bite is bad, then skewer two at once. Sometimes it pays to experiment with his color – yellow, red or white. It is well kept on the hook and can be used up to ten bites. Normal room fly of medium size will give a good bite in the summer. Well proven the larvae of the Colorado potato beetle, which you need to collect before fishing, because “stale” insect tight skin and the fish is not to your taste. If the bite is very bad, you can try to catch the larvae of the mugwort on top.

Vegetable bait also attracted by this voracious fish. Usually use barley, cooked in butter with bird giblets, or fat, or dough. Sometimes using aromatic supplements — attractants. Effective is “semolina Prater Park”, where you add cinnamon and cocoa. Bleak on the “talker” is in the spring until freeze-up. Yes, and bread balls bite bleak perfectly?

Artificial baits that are popular this is fly-fly and a piece of green cambrica (5-7 mm). The fisherman must react to the biting fish. As soon as the fish understands that the bait inedible, she releases her breath.

The use of bait is advisable. It can be made at home, Paramonov in a coffee grinder breadcrumbs with bran. The subtlety of the bait bleak, is that if you add a little bit of bloodworms, the fish livened up and the bite increases. Motyl must be alive, i.e. it is necessary to add it before-ing in the water.

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