Fishing conditions in the spring

What, where, when? These questions, which is the titular name of the famous TV shows often face the fishermen in a wonderful and at the same time, a difficult time fishing in the spring. Primarily limits the freedom of choice of place and method of fishing of the spring spawning prohibition, which in the majority of Russian regions will continue until early June. Spinning mostly banned, from boats and even from shore. But it just dramatically reduces the possibilities, because the spinning catches the vast majority of anglers often narrowly focused, professionally, denying other types of fishing. And in the spring during the spawning period they have only to sort out the tackle or… to break the rules.

What to fish in the spring?

The main types of fishing in this period – Donk, feeder float rod.

Fishing for carp-Buffalo spring

The spring high water and, especially on its decline, beginning their spawning run, many fish. Including large carp, also called the Buffalo. It is a completely different fish when compared with lazy carp ponds and bays of rivers. His powerful body, clad in silver scales, are able to break through the rapid spring water. Carp-Buffalo tolerably well tolerate more cold river water and during the bite greedily and recklessly. Lifting packs in the headwaters of rivers, carp often create a true celebration of spring fishing, if you get time on this move and should not interfere with the natural metamorphosis. In the past year, such obstacles became too much water and rotting grass. Water went slowly and the temperature was almost summer, which created conditions for rotting grass on the flooded banks. Carp began to choke, apparently, had a real freezer, which is usually characteristic of the ice period and mostly in the back lakes.



Big carp-Buffalo is usually caught by bottom fishing rods. On a small river sometimes anglers go ordinary glass telescopes with the float raised to the apex of the rod. This float is the simplest indicator like the Swinger. At the end of the main line is a sliding sinker with one or two leashes on the undergrowth, tied to a swivel behind the sinker. More advanced fishermen use carbon fiber rods with fast action feeder trough at the end of the main fishing line. The indicator bite is usually feeder bell or a small bell on the tip of the rod. But the most functional rigging will, of course, the classic feeder type medium, and strong current – class heavy or extra-heavy.

The main spring bait are worms, “sandwiches” of the worm with the worm and “sandwiches” of the moth with maggots.

Bait crucian are used, in particular, “Dunayev. Carp-hybrid”. This period is better to use bait for cold water, that is not fruity and aromatic, with discreet smell. Time sweet biscuit and fruity baits will come later in the summer.

Spring fishing for roach

The end of April and beginning of may are the periods of intensive development of roach-sarogi to spawn. Here is the same situation as with carp-hybrid. You have just to get in the right place at the right time. The rise of the roach in a certain place can sometimes last no more than two days. Therefore it is necessary to have information about the presence of flocks of roach for the period. Usually such information is owned, if the river is inhabited by, or references about the rise of fish anglers are divided by mobile phone. But sometimes, even during intense lifting roach comes quite a long pause when the fish stopped and held in the oxbow, and some part in the pits, where the flow is missing. Sometimes catching small fry in the oxbow conventional float rod brings no less a success than the current bottom gear, especially during stops fish for feeding and resting, as well as sharp deterioration in the weather.

Catching roach is the same bottom gear that was described above. You can change the bait and take special feeder mix fishing for roach in cold water. As bait use worms.


Bleak in the spring often is the main object of catching poplavochnikov. And fishing is often exciting. Spring bleak resolutely grabs the bait and are often caught hundreds of pieces.



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