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Fishing carp. Semolina talker against moldy worm!

Good time of day. The night before, after work, I got out for evening fishing. The plans were Mormyshming. I wanted to drive rotan. But I met a friend at the pond and sat together and talked and enjoyed the crucian. Sometimes the bite was so active that they only had time to get it. In general, cool spent these a couple of hours. In addition to the crucian, there were rattanks and minnows in the by-catch.

The pond is located on the road near the village Kozikha. The depth of fishing is 1-1.2. Bait semolina talker and maggots red and white. Fishing rods 4 meters. Caught more than 50 pieces. In the evening, he burned 7 pieces at home, and the children released the rest of the crucians, and they are now swimming with their grandfather and grandmother in the tank.

All NHNCH !!!


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