Fishing Battle DZR 2019

Oddly enough, but all my friends microjigits ignored this event, but in vain! Excellent organization, a mountain of prizes, the weather … well, maybe the weather 🙂 Usually, in such a wind, I try not to leave my house. I took two rods with me: Tict Sram UTR-68-TOR The Answer for mikruhi and Matagi TWA-662 with lightweight rings for nano-firing.

I did not know the water area at all, I looked at the topographic image from the satellite and I was immediately attracted by a corner around the corner. I went to him at the start. There was almost no wind here. Zatonchik really was very attractive and promising. It seemed that here, if you didn’t scoop up a mikroun, you could catch mormyshka on every cast. But it didn’t work out. I felt the relief with ansver, and if I caught at least someone, I would finish the point with a matiga. So it went: 1-2 perches per mikruhu, 2-3 per mormuha. The thing is, perch spots are very rare. I went half the coastline of the backwater and decided to change tactics – to return to the backwater and try to find larger striped ones.

However, here it was not so simple. Again, I came across a very uneven distribution of fish. If you hit a spot, you get 3-4 perch from a point, then for half an hour you simply rinse the bait in the idle. I spent quite a lot of time looking for spots. The last spot with 5 perches I found almost at the very end of the backwater, where the reed began. However, there was simply no time to go further.

5 minutes before the end, a fisherman at a neighboring point caught a pike. And, as it later rose, she brought him victory. For some reason I thought that I would end up in the protocol somewhere in the middle of the table. It's a shame that in the six-day working week there wasn’t even time for a little training 🙁 However, when I announced the results, I found myself in 4th place. It turns out that 5 minutes before the finish I went in prizes ?!

It's a shame. However, I want my story to be not a story of bad luck, but a set of things – about luck and perseverance. The winner in terms of the number of tails was not inferior to the leaders – 26, but in weight he was in 7-8th place, but did not give up and hit the jackpot in front of the finish rocket launcher!

As an afterword, I would like to mention the opinion that luck in fishing does not solve more than in other sports. For example, if a soccer player hits from the middle of the field and hits the post, and the ball bounces along the goal line and does not cross the ribbon. Is it luck or skill? Of course, this is both skill and luck (more precisely, bad luck). So it is in fishing. You can hope for luck for a long time, but without mastery it

Events: Fishing Battle DZR 2019

Events: Fishing Battle DZR 2019

Events: Fishing Battle DZR 2019

Events: Fishing Battle DZR 2019


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