Fisherman’s Day.

Something I unforgivably delayed the story of how we celebrated Fisherman’s Day on the river bank near the city.

For a long time we have already planned fishing with the expectation of evening and dawn, which is very important in this heat, since, even on the water, it is unrealistic to be in the sun.

We arrived ashore, collected boats and a crew of three boats headed to the area of ​​the spit. There is a large perch here, and he can easily bring me closer to capturing a kilogram of individual in a microjig, and thereby fulfill my dream.

I decided to fish with a Fire Fly rod, I collected another one just in case, suddenly I want to fish for plastic.

The first bites, the first fish. There are few perch, gobies brazenly bite off the tails of the baits and thereby render them unusable.

Therefore, I later put Kraken from Luremax and fished with it in order to avoid losing the baits. Basically, we came across a small-sized perch and an ubiquitous goby, but this was only with Dinar and me, Andrey with a walker tempted humpbacks to take a bite, which attacked the bait several times.

Returning to the shore, we prepared dinner and even wanted to sleep a little, but the time was on the clock, and the cars with music nearby whispered that it was all in vain.

After drinking coffee, we headed back to the scythe in order to catch the predawn bite of a large perch, which usually lasts no more than half an hour.

We got to the point, 10 minutes of silence and the movement began. Andrey again left everyone behind with his miracle wolker, catching perches from 600 to 800 grams in a row.

As soon as the sun came out of the horizon the fish disappeared, they decided to visit the pike perch.

Eugene merged well the sir, we have a frank trifle, but she attacked the silicone like an adult. A little later we continued to search for perch, mainly looking near the islets of grass, but apart from small perch and goby there was nothing.

At about 8 am we make a decision to go ashore and finish fishing, as the sun was already starting to fry well, and we were afraid that the fish would go bad.

So the Day of the Fisherman passed, again a storm of emotions was received in the company of good people on the reservoir, we are waiting for a cold snap and again into battle, but for now everyone.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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