Fish preservation from a sick poor grandfather

Gentlemen, who are considered fish guards on paper, who caught a poacher on February 11, 2020 opposite Sovsibiri, I wish you not to wake up in a cold sweat, imagining almost seventy-year-old grandfather wandering heavily on varicose legs, overcoming the prickly veil of snowy pelins in search of fish to replenish a very meager pensioner receiving a pension of just over 10 thousand

Do not remember with horror (perhaps you watched it with binoculars) how, having caught an insufficiently long lump, let him go into the hole, clearly intending to deprive you of the legitimate premium for catching a malicious poacher, causing catastrophic damage to the fauna.

But to your happiness, in search of pike perch, the grandfather dokondybal to a place where there were only motorized fishermen, and you had to wait a while until most of them parted, because with a large number of motor tanks you would not want to get in touch without police support. (It is very likely that you expected in quite comfortable conditions, while in the hovercraft, which was near and near which was an empty snowmobile). During your wait, your grandfather, seeing that the let go of the ghost, did not swim away and even managed to die, took him out of the hole, thereby showing his entire predatory nature. After waiting for the grandfather to start kondyba through snowdrifts on improvised skis, you famously drove up to him together on a powerful snowmobile. Moreover, the grandfather, being fairly exhausted, shivering and inexperienced in battles with you, did not even try to lose the lump, although he was not far from the holes. With the violation of all norms, you, apparently, firmly knowing about the existence of a fine galloping, confidently grabbed the darned-darned antediluvian grandfather's backpack and got to the penalty box.

With a sense of deep satisfaction in anticipation of the prizes, you wrote out, and later legally issued through the court, an exorbitant fine for a semi-disabled person with limited mobility, and not for those who supply a huge amount of small zander to stores and markets, not to those who have entangled with OBH networks and surrounding water areas, not to those who dump poisonous substances and sewage in OVH. (For example, your Ordynskoye water and wastewater treatment plant dumps sewage that poison fish during overloading).

In the stagnant years, pikeperch was caught by much larger detachments of fishermen-pedestrians, in whole buses organizedly delivered to the shores of the WWS. But despite this, catches did not fall year after year. No doubt, precisely because of the above-mentioned large poachers and poisoners, in recent 10 years the number of large zander has plummeted. Although, of course, the role is also played by the fact that the OVH for some reason has been filled up with a variety of small pike perch, the penalty copies of which often turn out to be caviar. (Or maybe your department lobbied the launch of fry of a small variety of pike perch? If so, then a very good investment on your part).

For the sake of the premium ones, you rush about on powerful snowmobiles for single pedestrians, despite the fact that they just cause minimal damage, being immobile and, therefore, unable to quickly travel a long distance to the place where a whimsical pike perch has suddenly popped up .

Yes, there is less per fisherman carrying penal fish home. I don’t take small fish now. But, since in most cases it does not float inland and soon dies due to wounds, then in order not to be wasted, I give the motor tanks. They look like a fossil. Well, at least they don’t twist a finger in the open at the temple. Only one refused, saying that in his opinion, grandfathers-pedestrians should not be fined. That is naive.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the motor tanks – they have repeatedly brought me to the shore. So even in these bestial times, not everyone became petty “effective managers” ready to cling to their throats for a bonus. And the other day, one engine tank was completely smashed on the spot. Seeing me wandering through a deep, wet, crumbling crust, he drove me to the shore and, having learned that I had let go of all the little things for fear of fines (I didn’t say to him that I had handed out to him), I presented a bag with fish, saying that he himself now not really needed. So in the sometimes emerging discussion: "Should pedestrians help motorized infantry in trouble?" the only correct answer would be: "HELP!"

Alright, that's enough. Sleep well, gentlemen from the fish conservation, or your appetite will be lost, and the treatment facilities of Ordynsky will not work in emergency mode, there will be more large zander and there will be no one to fine. (This would be a real environmental disaster for you, and not a sharp decrease in the number of fish due to trawls, nets, toxic discharges).

I am sending you copies of fines receipts. Do not choke only while chewing sandwiches bought with the money of a poor, sick grandfather.

R. Valery Dmitrievich,

once involved in the development of missiles for the Typhoon nuclear submarines and others, which protected us in the 90s and zero years. He was thrown out into the street because of the destruction of the enterprise at the beginning of perestroika, and failed to adapt to the madhouse that has been going on so far. He therefore receives a very modest pension and, due to lack of money, is forced to be treated only for the most dangerous diseases that are already directly threatening his life. All the other numerous sores, until taken by the throat, are considered non-existent.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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