Feeder for winter

Feeder for winterThere are many fishermen who, with the advent of winter, do not remove the so-called summer gear, but continue to catch them in open water in non-freezing reservoirs. Winters have been warm in recent years, and there are more and more such reservoirs. On the "greenhouses" they catch with the usual "summer" gear: float, spinning and, of course, feeder. Modern bottom gears are quite effective and versatile: they can catch almost any fish in various water bodies and even in the worst weather, which is especially important in winter. However, not all models of feeder rods are good for such fishing.

Winter specifics

The tops of many models are equipped with passage rings of too small a diameter. When fishing in the warm season, it does not matter. Another thing in winter is when the rings freeze: their small diameter makes fishing very difficult. However, freezing is not the only problem. When fishing on the current, especially during the thaw and when the water level changes, small rings on fishing lines are often clogged with various debris, which not only complicates fishing, but can also lead to ring breakage. In addition, small rings limit the use of a shock leader, which allows, for example, to avoid shooting heavy equipment when using thin lines, allowing to increase casting distance, which is often required in the cold season.

And the tops of many feeder rods in accordance with the classical English scheme are equipped with rings with an internal diameter of 2.0-2.5 mm, and quite fragile. The result of passing through them, especially in the cold, a knot of fishing line with a diameter of even 0.28 mm is easy to predict. Many manufacturers, for example Sensas, began to make tops with oversized rings and strong enough to solve all these problems, and at the same time significantly increase casting distance. Other firms, say Browning, produce special conical shock leaders: one of their ends is thin – for tying to the main fishing line, the other thicker – for rigging.

Why shimano

I have been catching feeders of different models and firms for more than ten years. In recent years, I prefer fishing from Shimano, as I consider them ideal for winter fishing. There are several reasons for this choice. Firstly, for some time now, 6-7 rings and a tulip with an inner diameter of 4 mm are installed on the tops of the Shimanov feeders, that is, almost like on light class spinning rods. Secondly, Shimano produces several series of feeders, from economy class to elite, differing in materials, equipment, but by no means quality – it is high in all cases, regardless of price. The quality that is essential in terms of winter fishing is the endurance of the feeders of this company: they are not afraid of either low temperatures or high humidity.

Thirdly, all Shimano feeder series include up to eleven models of various lengths and power, including multi-feeders, that is, variable-length rods, and special feeders for carp fishing. Shimano, unlike many other firms, retained the English classification of power in ounces. There are pickers in the Shimanov line – ultra-light class feeders with dough up to one ounce (28 g), and light feeders with dough up to two ounces, and middle-class feeders with dough up to three ounces, and super-heavy – up to five to six ounces.

Fourth, interchangeable tops are precisely calibrated for power. More powerful are made of carbon fiber. This not only significantly reduces weight and spurious vibrations, but most importantly, it significantly increases sensitivity compared to a fiberglass tip of the same power, which is of great importance when fishing in winter. Tops with a length of up to 64 cm indicate bite better. Finally, Shimano gear is easy to find in stores and purchased online.


All the basic properties of Shimano feeders can be understood by the designation of the model – a rather long sequence of capital letters in Latin letters. For example, BMAXCMLMFDR. The first letters are the name of the series, in this case BM – Beast Master. The next two letters AX, and maybe also BX, indicate a modification; They differ in material, fittings and design. BX models, as a rule, of a later release, are made of carbon of higher grades and, naturally, more expensive. Now in our market, BX modifications are represented in the main model, but some relatively new series, such as, for example, the Beast Master, are only available in the AX version so far. The letter C is short for Carp. Indicates the possibility of using the feeder in carp fishing. Models with this designation have reinforced joints, like specialized carp rods.

The letter M means Multi: the feeder is a transformer, that is, its length can be changed. The letters LM are abbreviations of Light and Medium, which indicates the feeder power class for casting weights. In this case, the class is medium light. What is FDR, I think, it’s clear: this is a feeder. There may also be letters WP, which means Winkle Picker – this is the full name of the ultralight picker. Let us dwell on several models of Shimano feeders that can be recommended for fishing in the winter.

Nexave Feeder Heavy 12'0 "

The Nexave Series are ten mid-range high-quality feeder rods. The series includes models of various lengths and capacities, including three multi-feeders. This model has a working length of 3.66 m, in a disassembled state, 1.26 m. A heavy-class fishing rod, designed for equipment weighing up to 110 g. It has a medium-fast system, works great on casting and softly dampens when dragging, which makes it possible to use fairly thin the forest. Good range allows you to put equipment 80 meters from the coast, and if necessary further, which is very valuable when fishing in the winter.

Four-section feeder: three knees and interchangeable top. Three Shimano Super Tips of the latest generation with large rings are included in the kit: one fiberglass for two ounces and two carbon for three and four ounces. This set allows you to fish with feeders from 20 to 90 g without taking into account the weight of the bait. Shimano Hardlite rings – nine pieces on a blank and six on the tops – are strong enough and resistant to braiding, are the company's own development. The reliable Shimano graphite reel seat has an over tightening. Combined handle 60 cm long – made of cork and EVA polymer material. The rod is very well balanced, it is best combined with inertia reels of size 3000 according to the Shimano classification. Code NEXAXHFDR or NEXBXHFDR.

Beast Master AH Feeder Extra Heavy 14'0 "

The Best Master AX series is a new improved modification of the well-known rods of the old BM version. The series includes eleven models designed for all types of feeder fishing: from fishing with lightweight equipment at close range in quiet water to hard work with decent scales at long distances and strong currents. Some models have additional sections, which allows you to change the length of the rod; there are also feeders for carp fishing. This Beast Master model belongs to the superheavy class: declared power is up to 150 g. The feeder has three main sections and three interchangeable tops; working length 4.26 m, folded 1.36 m. Despite decent length and power, the weight of the rod is only 403 g. The feeder is equipped with high-quality reliable Shimano Hardlite rings in the amount of 9 plus 6. Shimano Super Tips carbon fiber tops have a power of 3, 4 and 5 ounces. The main purpose of this rod is fishing in a strong current and at long distances, which is often required in the winter, when the fish is far from the coast.

The construction of the rod is close to average: when casting and rearing small-sized fish, the upper knees mainly work, and with more significant loads, the lower knee also turns on. Thanks to this classic feeder system, the rod can be used for both soft and accurate casting of heavy rigs using relatively thin fishing lines, as well as powerful power casts for extreme distances. The maximum casting distance can be achieved with weights from 40 to 130 g – of course, with the correct selection of the tip, the size of the reel – the 4000th according to Shimano and the diameter of the main fishing line are best suited. In general, the feeder simply amazes with its range: throwing them for a hundred parts is not a problem. The rod is perfectly balanced and fits well in the hand. The handle, long, convenient for power throws, is made of cork and a duplo. Code BMAXXHFDR.

Catana BX Multifeeder Medium 11'-12 '

The CATANA series is also well known and is quite budget. In the new BX modification, the number of models has been increased from eight to ten, including four multi-feeders. Compared with the previous modification, the material has been improved, the design has been slightly changed and the third vertex has been added – in the old version there were two of them. In the series there are light fishing rods for fishing in stagnant water bodies, and heavy long-range fishing rods for large rivers from a distance of over 100 m. This model is a multi-feeder: working length 3.35 or 3.65 m. The feeder consists of five sections: three major knee, one extension and apex. The transport length is 126 cm. The weight of the rod with a length of 3.65 m is only 227 g. Despite the relatively low dead weight, the claimed feeder test is up to 100 g, actually up to 70 g.

Three peaks of various tests – "glass" in one and two ounces and carbon in three ounces – in combination with a variable length allow you to fish in a variety of conditions. We established a length of 3.35 m and an apex of one ounce – we got a picker for fishing with feeders of 5-10 g in small ponds and in low currents. We used an extension knee and a three-ounce apex – you can catch it in a decent course and from a great distance. The relatively thin form of the feeder made of high-modulus carbon fiber of the ХТ40 brand and the medium-fast system allow accurate casting, and the calm play of the fishing rod while fighting prevents the trophy from gathering. The feeder has a very good balance. Optimum coil sizes: for the short version 2500, for the long one it is possible 3000 according to Shimano. Code CATBXMMFDR.

These are Shimano feeders of only three series. But this company has other series. For example, the relatively inexpensive Hyperloop series with six models and Alivio with three. All of them, despite the relatively low price, are of high quality workmanship, equipped with good fittings and equipped with tops with large rings. There is also a budget Antares feeder series with 10 models. In general, there is a choice. It is only important to choose the right rod in terms of power class and length so that it matches the fishing conditions as precisely as possible. And less to get involved in versatility. Only a set of rods, similar to the one described, including rods of various lengths and thicknesses, allows efficient fishing in almost any body of water, from small rivers and lakes to large rivers and reservoirs.

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