Features carp fishing and carp in September

September is a good time for catching carp and carp. With the right approach to fishing in early autumn, you can achieve excellent catches. The main thing – to understand the behaviors in this period and know where and how to catch carp in September. Requires a special approach to the choice fishing spots, and the selection of baits and accessories.

The contents

  • Behavior of carp and carp in September
    • Fishing for carp in early September
    • Fishing for carp at the end of September
  • The effect of weather on the biting
  • Tackle box
    • Donka
    • Float rod
  • Bait and complementary feeding
  • The best nozzle for carp fishing in September
  • The choice of location for fishing
  • Especially catching equipment
  • Useful video

Behavior of carp and carp in September

In September, the carp and the carp will start biting. Fish feel the approach of winter and begin to feed, to fatten fat. This feeding period will last until the first frost. Fishing for carp at this time brings great results.

Experienced anglers willing to get out in that time on the water, preferring not to miss this opportunity.

After the first frost, when the day temperature falls to 10 degrees, the carp activity is reduced. In this weather the fish reacts to the bait are not so willing. It is necessary to grind, to achieve good catches difficult.

Fishing for carp in early September

In the early autumn carp is still often go in search of food in the shallow waters, where they are often found in summer . Although the primary sites of their feeding at this time are the parts of the reservoir with a medium or great depth. Fishing in early September you can start from the very dawn. At this time, the activity of carp and carp is high.

Help! The evening bite is worse the morning, and the instances in the afternoon across the smaller. In General, in early September, the carp still very active and biting vigorously.
Fishing for carp at the end of September

The closer October, the more the fish moves in depth. In the second half of September changed and the schedule of its daily activity. Best results at this time can be achieved when fishing in the middle of the day, after lunch. In the mornings and evenings the fish at the end of September fed less. The more the air is cooling and water, the passive carp.

The effect of weather on the biting

Good catches of carp and carp in September, you can expect a quiet, windless days. If the wind blows or it rains, the fish usually falls to the bottom and feeds reluctantly.

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Although these days it is possible to catch if you know where are located the pit in which it waits bad weather. The more sun and the higher the temperature, the better will be the results of fishing.

Tackle box

The best tackle for catching carp and carp in September will be bottom fishing rod. With its help you can catch at large distances from the coast, where rests the fish at this time.

Attention! Nice Donk to go in a snap of 100-150 m. Thus, it is possible to reach remote sites of the fish.

Of course, most fishing takes place at distances up to 70 m. to Make a precise throw at such a relatively small distance much easier. For carp fishing and carp good rod length from 3.5 to 4.5 m. Used the stick tests from 40 to 150 g.

The optimum test range varies from the desired casting distance, depth and strength of the flow in the shery. The bigger they are, the greater must be the test. Of coils used bezynertsionnoj ranging from 3000 to 8000. For catching trophy fish can be applied to larger models, up to 12000. Fishing line – usually monofil 0.3-0.35 mm.

You can also take the braided line the same breaking load. Her gear will be more sensitive braided fishing line due to the minimum diameter has less resistance to the flow of water. Her flaw is that she almost never absorbs jerks fish, so in the first half of September, when carp are still very active, will have difficulty playing.

For fishing in the fall is well suited leashes from fluorocarbon. In the cold clear water of the very important stealth snap. Even when carp are actively fatten fat, it remains quite cautious fish.

Fishing for carp and carp on the Donk

Float rod

The advantage of float fishing rods when fishing in early autumn that its snap-in produces a minimum of noise when casting.

This often allows to achieve the best results, than by ground, as a loud sound, which produces a heavy feeder, when he falls into water, is alarming and frightens the fish.

Each picks up float tackle on your taste. Those who do not know what to choose, you can suggest this option:

  • powerful, with the test up to 30 g, the rod with carrying rings;
  • bezynertsionnoj the size of 2500-4000;
  • a monoscaffold thickness 0,25-0,35 mm.

Better to use a special manolescu for float fishing rods. They stretch less than conventional monofil. Moreover, such well-sinking fishing line, which makes it easier to catch and makes it more comfortable.

How to choose flies for carp

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Bait and complementary feeding

When approaching the cold, the carp begin particularly interested in animal feed. This point needs to be considered in the preparation of bait mixture. You can add:

  • bloodworms, maggots, chopped worm;
  • dried Daphnia (food for aquarium fish);
  • minced fish and offal;
  • chopped shrimp.

The specific choice of animal components, which should add to the bait, depends on the size of the carp, which you intend to catch. Captured specimens are unlikely to succeed to engage and permanently retain at the point of fishing with bloodworms or Daphnia.

This lure is well suited for small carp. If we are talking about catching good carp, it would be correct to offer him pieces of fish or shrimp.

A good mix for catching carp and carp in September, you can cook, mix the following ingredients:

  • 150 g of semolina;
  • 150 g of grain (wheat, barley, peas) or food for birds;
  • 150 g fish;
  • 55 g of casein;
  • 30 g egg powder;
  • 6 eggs.

To bait was more attractive it is to add flavor . For catching carp and carp in September, well suited to the so-called fish smells – the aromas simulating objects of animal origin. It can be:

  • the worm;
  • shrimp;
  • crab and so on.
  • Bait for carp and carp
  • How to make bait for carp with their hands

The best nozzle for carp fishing in September

Since carp prefers animal food, and the nozzle is the use of animal origin. It can be:

  • maggot;
  • the worm;
  • meat cancers;
  • meat shells (dracena);
  • baits, containing chopped fish or meat by-products and other animal components.

Attention! To get the meat of crayfish or dracena that is why they are used infrequently. Although, as is known to all experienced carpaticum, these lures work very well Sep.

For catching small Carpiquet suitable maggots or worms. If you intend to fish the middle or trophy size, a great choice will be bunches of worms or baits. But plant tips should not be ruled out completely. They, too, should take with them, going to the pond. It can be:

  • peas ;
  • corn ;
  • dough;
  • mastyrka;
  • bread;
  • pasta;
  • boilies made from plant components.

The nozzle of plant origin in September worth a try, if the carp don’t respond well to animal feed. The warmer the water, the more actual they are. You can make sandwiches, for example, spitted on the hook maggots mixed with maize.

The choice of location for fishing

In September, the carp away from the shore into the depths.

This is due to the fact that in the shallows at this time is getting less food, and that water fall is more transparent, the sun’s rays in the coastal zone good Shine it to the bottom, and the carp and the carp in such conditions is uncomfortable.

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In addition, the fall fish are starting to move closer to the places of their wintering grounds, which are located just down deep.

Search carp and carp in September we have:

  • on the edge;
  • on the pits;
  • on the coquina – areas where the bottom is strewn with dracenas.
  • in the snags.

Knowledge of the elevation of the reservoir bottom , is one of the most important conditions of success when fishing for carp and carp in September. If the area is unfamiliar, and no one to ask, where to look for fish, the perspective point will have to find yourself. To make it easier from a boat, passing by a sounder on the water and detecting the location of ridges and pits.

If this is not possible, you can determine the location of the pits, protokaw the bottom of the sinkerpositioned at the end of the basic scaffold of tackle. Have to do casts and after ditching snap to count how long she falls to the bottom. Thus it is possible to determine where the depth is less, and where more and download the pit and the kerb.

Especially catching equipment

If the temperature still does not drop below 15 degrees, feed the fish a lot. Carp or carp will appreciate it suitable as a fishing spot and stay on it. Wait for their approach, most likely, will not last long. In September, well caught fish of trophy size, so you need to be prepared that one of these copies will sit on the hook.

The colder the air temperature and water temperature, the more decreases the activity of carp. At the end of September if the temperature does not rise above 10 degrees, the picture changes dramatically. The number of bait mixtures should be small, otherwise the fish is easy to overfeed. Wait approach carp or carp on zakormlen point is likely to be long. The first bite may only begin 2-3 hours after sakima.

If fishing takes place in early September, the fish will be quite active during the fight with the fish, almost like summer. At the end of September, if the water is cold, carp more passive that can be considered a plus. To deal with them at this time will be much easier.

Useful video

How to catch carp/carp in September in the video below.