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There was a case, I got out for a couple of hours on a small pond to drive a pike on a light stick. Without a boat, without all the hemorrhoids. There are 3 perspective points from the shore, and I decided to process them.

The plan is simple: fishing from different positions with loads of 4 and 6 grams, changing rubber from acid to natural. At a particular place, this is the main factor of success, yes, as well as where. On a note.

The weather is not very: wind, and occasional rain. It’s not for nothing that he put a membrane jacket on, oh not in vain.

He began, as always, with acid, processed all the points – not a jab. 40 minutes passed, literally an hour left. Change of bait for natural.

In the right place, at the right time, with the right bait – the key to success.

In 40 minutes, 5 bites, 2 pitches managed to be realized, 1 leaked and 2 blank bites to wave away, but somehow by. There were some problems with fighting because of the bush under the steep bank. Pikes are not large, but on a stick up to 14g is very interesting, in addition, they are very lively. Raised with a crane – everything is ok.

For a couple of hours I enjoyed and boldly drove home!

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