Fantastic fishing in the Arctic tundra. Shooting from the drone. Wild deer. Great char and trout

This three-day trip along the Tundra of the Kola Peninsula at the beginning of September 2019 turned out to be very exciting, interesting and at the same time difficult …

One of the main goals of this campaign was to catch a large Arctic char and trophy trout. Looking a little ahead, I will say that the goal has been achieved!

Everything turned out quite spontaneously. Three free days appeared and really wanted to spend them with benefit for the soul and body! Without thinking twice, I decided to spend them on sea fishing …

I wanted something special, interesting, exciting, so the choice fell on the Tundra of our Kola Peninsula … I phoned with my friend Igor Pirsky, known among acquaintances as an Indian … It seems to me that he was born in the Tundra … He knows every stone there , every piece of moss … It feels like a fish in water even in the most extreme situations … He suggested a very interesting route … Combined … Part of the path through the lakes in a small boat, the rest on foot ..

They found a place on the maps where to set up the camp, determined travel routes, and bought food on the list of the Indian. In a past life, he was a chef, so the camping menu is accurate to several tens of grams … Packed backpacks and go to battle!

The path was not easy. A strong wind was blowing and it was especially difficult on the lakes, as our small boat was thrown well in the wave and was flooded with water ..

Came to the place. To put up a tent in a strong wind is a good test, but we passed it successfully .. On the way I saw a bear with cubs, but quickly left the meeting place … This is a dangerous meeting, and we did not plan to risk it …

Dismantled things, talked with poachers, cut 3 nets and went fishing on lake systems ..

Fishing these days was fantastic … Caught a lot of captured trout and char !!! You will see all the details in this video! Happy viewing!

P.S. I will be glad to answer your comments, questions, tips … I will be very grateful to you for the likes, if you liked this video, or dislikes, if you did not like it ..

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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