Evening on the lower Moscow River

Tuesday evening after work. Finally, with a friend we got out fishing! Having made all the corrections for the wind, we went to the section of the lower Moscow River, which we are very familiar with in the winter season.

Reports from Ponds: Evening on the Lower Moscow River

Unfortunately, because of the repair work being carried out in our area, we arrived at the point late, when it was already beginning to get dark and we missed the hour of the wolf, but did not leave home. In general, they gathered and began to pick up baits, cargo and wiring.

Reports from Ponds: Evening on the Lower Moscow River

In general, the most adequate weights at this point are 12-16 grams, and the local eyebrows are very severe, so you had to take a long stick with you and with a gram test up to 20-25. My choice fell on the Maximus Ultimatum 27ML, which meets all the requirements and has excellent throwing qualities.

The most annoying was not even the lack of fish, but the local mosquitoes! These flying creatures could gobble up an elephant in a couple of seconds. It's good that we took an insect repellent with us …

Well, fishing … A large number of various lures were sent to the water! These were all kinds of worms, and weaknesses, and sheds, twisters, creatures, etc., but no reaction! We tried and relieved, and weighted, and gave pauses of different timing, but all in vain. In general, we were already desperate to catch the fish and just enjoyed the process, while joking and joking.

Reports from Ponds: Evening on the Lower Moscow River

As a result, closer to the end of the fishing, I still managed to persuade one fish, which turned out to be a pretty decent bersh! He took the bait, in his own way, very gently, which did not stop him from elegantly resisting!

Reports from Ponds: Evening on the Lower Moscow River

As a result, an increase in the size of the bait and a decrease in the speed of posting worked, and even then I'm not sure about it, since it was the only fish ….

It is extremely disappointing that we finally broke out fishing together and weren’t able to catch normally, but this is just an excuse to try to fix this situation in the near future!

No tail, no scales and see you on the water!


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