Electric drill made in USSR

For many years this drill served to all my friends and acquaintances. A small number of revolutions, 2 speeds, how many things I did, I can’t count. But nothing lasts forever. I began to fight with electric shock and roar the burner. But the gearbox is power. AL case, bearings, gears , shafts, red-hot. It will be decided BUR. For a long time I could not pick up email. engine. I didn’t buy a new engine cooling engine of the Chevy NIVA 2123. 2800 rpm of 230 watts. I made a housing from the pipe 108. I connected the gearbox to the engine with a sleeve connection. The right handle with the start button was right from the bulgarian who was killed at work. and test. I loaded the battery from the car onto the motorbike, by the way, of my own manufacture and onto Bird’s Bay to the Red Booth. And there is March, water to the knee. I started to torture. On 1sk, I don’t need enough water to tear open the knives for 2 hands. At the end of the day, a punch in the hand and a record pike perch in the spring of 19, weight 2700. Truly a happy day of my life. PHOTO. Batteries from China came in April. Lithium-ion 18650 number they have such a count = 10 pcs voltage 4.2v 3a.ch. They gathered in a hurry to the unit to test the NVH. The total voltage was 21 watts, the battery capacity was 6a.ch. I turned it all day by 31km, ice under the handle sorry for the gearbox, the ice was crude, 40 holes were counted then lost. The batteries were enough for a day with a margin, and this is important. 1sk 140 2sk 280 rpm. Product weight 6 kg Electrical. I am in them + – My friend Sergey Nikolaevich did a big special. All the best to him and for many years. Already in the summer, he slowly assembled a battery pack with a light indication of energy consumption, a charger, an acoustic silicone cable 2.5mm, Vidio on you Tube 30a current

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