Dried carp is the king of snacks

Carp is a popular fish. Its popularity has earned it a taste and affordability.

In sun-dried or dried form, is well suited to melinoma beer as an appetizer. Very easy to prepare, so everyone can cope with it at home.

The contents

  • Proper cooking carp
  • Methods of salting
    • Dry salting.
    • Wet salting
    • Drying
    • How to pickle carp for drying
    • Taranco of carp
  • Useful video

Proper cooking carp

Before the process of salting the fish must be properly prepared for this procedure. Best suited to the individual small or medium size, as cleaning won’t take much time. You need to get rid of mucus from fish, thoroughly RUB salt on each side. For convenience, you can place the fish in a small basin and sprinkle them with salt.

Attention. Salt should be placed in the mouth and gills of the fish.

If taken large fish from 1 kg, the preparation process will be more complicated. For starters, you need to get rid of the giblets. Incision the belly of the fish and removed the entrails. Next, make an incision from the tail to the head. Thus, the fish will quickly seaside. Clean the fish from scales is not necessary. Scales helps protect the meat from exposure to sunlight and keeps the fish juice.

Opolaskivaniem fish water, carefully RUB the salt and put in a deep container. Leave for five days to marinate.

Attention. While gutting fish, can swallow the eggs. It is also possible to pickle.
Methods of salting

For pickling of fish, there are several methods. Each of them is good in its own way. The choice of method depends on individual preferences.

Dry salting.

One of the most preferred methods. Captivating in its simplicity.

  • First we need to choose a deep container. If it is a wooden box, it is necessary to cover the bottom. The size of the container will depend on the number of fish.
  • Lay the fish in layers from head to tail. Try tightly secured to one another. Each layer must be backfilled with salt. Ratios are met, 1.5 CL salt in 10 kg carp.
  • After installation, the top must be placed the plane and put on top load. So we get rid of the excess air.
  • A container of fish placed in a cool place. Leave for a week.
  • Wet salting

    This method is more complicated first, so as to correct preparation, you need to follow the right instructions.

  • For cooking fish we will need a deep container. It is desirable that the vessel had an enamel surface. Can come and pot. Put the fish belly up, tightly pressed to each other.
  • Fill with sugar mixed with salt. It is important to observe the correct proportions, one tablespoon of sugar per 10 kg of fish.
  • Cover the carcass with a lid and leave. Better if cover is less in diameter than the container.
  • Also, put a design in a dark place and leave for a week. After several days and formed the salt juice.
  • Drying

    Before the stage of drying, it is necessary to wash the fish of excess salt and departments. After that put it in cold water and leave for a few hours. Next you need to dry the carcass. In the end, all processed and sunflower oil and vinegar.

    Go directly to the drying process. We will need fishing line or other thin thread, and a few hooks. At the base of the tail to make the hole and hang the fish.

    Attention. To protect yourself from insects, you can cover the sun-dried carp with a piece of gauze.

    To ensure that the drying was successful, it is important to choose a suitable place for drying. The room should be well ventilated with direct access to the sun. With good alignment, complete the cooking over 7-15 days. Willingness of fish is determined by the back. If it is elastic and smooth, carp can be removed.

    How to pickle carp for drying

    About a week is in the process of drying of carp. Somewhere a little more, somewhere less. It depends on the weather conditions. The product should be stored in a paper bag.

    The first thing we will do is remove unnecessary innards, wash and cut the fish.

    The next step is preparation of salt solution. The proportions are 6 tablespoons of salt to one liter of water at room temperature.

    Puts carp in a deep container, and pour the prepared solution.
    Cover with a lid or plate and do a press.

    To infuse the fish can not only cool rooms, but also in the house with room temperature.

    The quality of pickling is checked against the fin. To do this, just try it out. If salt is enough, then proceed to the drying stage.

    Open-mouthed carp, you need so that they do not touch each other. That way the fish will rot. You need to hang it up, this method will help to keep the juice in the tail.

    Taranco of carp

    For salting taranco, it is better to use fresh, recently caught fish. Other components will be salt and vinegar.

    The first steps of salting is always the same: gutting, cut, rubbing salt. For quality cooking, salt can be placed inside fish, instead of the innards.

    Take the pan better than stainless steel and begin to lay the future of creation. The first layer of salt, then carp, then salt.

    Create a press out of the cover and weight on top and leave in a dark and cool room. About 6 — 15 days and the fish is ready.

    Attention. You must drain the fluid while preparing fish.

    The last step is drying. Before hanging, the processed carcass with vinegar, hang the fish and waiting for full preparation.

    Useful video

    About how nasality carp in the video below:

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