Do it yourself. How to wash old spinners from rust? 3 ways

Hello! While some are plowing the icy expanse in search of piping (hello to the penguins), others are preparing for the season of liquid water.

One of the stages is shaking the lures, buying new ones, and restoring the old ones … So, as for the old ones, I would like to tell you about how you can wash rust from spinners with your own hands at home. Soviet turntables, or something more modern, is not important! The main thing is to wash it quickly, simply and cheaply. And then we already heard about all kinds of chemicals, or in general, advice – "is it not easier to buy"? Not easier! It is your own, dear! Caught! But with a flaw …

So we will clean it with our own hands!

3 ways – how and how to wash fishing lures from rust

Let's start, perhaps, with the most working (in my humble opinion) method – using hydrogen peroxide.

A glass of plain water (boiled) needs 50 grams of citric acid and a little less, 40 grams of hydrogen peroxide. Mix this whole thing and throw our baubles there. Wait 20-30 minutes and you can get it. Using a coarse cloth, remove any rust and enjoy the effect! Such an easy way!

The second option – it is more modern, or something … This is Coca-Cola. Yes, yes, the same method – washing rust with a drink for children … It will have to hold the bait a little longer than 2-3 hours. But the effect will be the same. The main thing is then to wipe well with a coarse cloth so that the remaining rust comes off. According to this option, I can say that I have not tried it, but I heard a lot of opinions from two people – that it’s a myth and that it’s a working way … So here it is for you to choose.

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Well, the third option is polishing rust with toothpaste. Take a tube of toothpaste, cloth and go … Like a badge in the army, remember? Three until the sun eclipses!

Who cleans rust from spoons? Confess!

How would I talk about my options. Now I would like to know how do you, dear comrades, clean the spoons from rust? I heard from the corner of my ear that it can be poured into acetic acid for several hours … Myth or reality?