Dam Lure

Dam Lure

Effzett Slim Classic and Effzett Slim Pointer spinners

Effzett Slim Classic and Effzett Slim Pointer spinners are modern modifications of one of the oldest types of track spinners, in the modern version of trolling. Lures of a similar shape were widely known in the countries of Scandinavia, and a little later in Russia at the end of the 19th century. Legends circulated about catching baits of this shape even at a time when the usual spinning attributes (reel and rod) were exotic and only gained popularity among fans of fishing predatory fish. Judging by the fact that samples of such spinners have survived to our days in sufficient quantities, we can assume that in the pre-spinning era, such a form dominated all baits. And yet, why is this lure so good?

It has long been noticed that in elongated “spoons” with medium or slight bend (length to width ratio of at least 1: 4.5), there are two components:
– a different-speed original balanced game, capable of luring predatory fish from great depths to the surface of a reservoir (the weight of these models ranges from 15-30 g);
– ease of movement and ease of control, which is the most important condition when fishing trolling.

The spinners of the Slim series begin to glide over the surface of the water at the minimum speed of the boat, which sometimes plays a decisive role in catching inactive fish. And at the same time, with the maximum acceleration of the boat or boat, the spinner does not fall into a tailspin, but moves naturally and attractively for most predators. Unlike many hesitators, especially the classic "spoons", it is universal. Asp, ide, chub, pike stably fall for these baits. It can be argued that for most elongated spinners in a 1: 5 ratio, in addition to the usual vibrations during wiring, a side (end) game occurs, which is good for biting.

Spinner Dam Effzett Slim is indispensable for trolling and spinning predatory fish that lives in water bodies of the European part of Russia. In the design of the spinner, even such trifles as a swivel and a tail flag are thought out, adding to the spinner a smooth ride. Many anglers break a flag before fishing, making a significant mistake. I would also like to say about successful coating options applied to a heterogeneous surface imitating scales. The fisherman always has the opportunity to pick up the bait of interest to the fish and stay with a good catch.

Spinner Dam Effzett Slim

Spoon-bait can be considered both as a classic spindle and as an original pilker for fishing in a plumb line (weight 16 g with a length of 7 cm). When fishing with spinning, the greatest effect is achieved when catching bottom layers with periodic contact of the ground. In this case, the rising cloud of turbidity additionally attracts the attention of a predator. One of the successful posting options resembles a stepwise posting of foam rubber fish, with the only difference being that a pause in the winding of the line can last up to 5-7 seconds. After this, the line is reeled up at the lowest possible speed. Spoon-bait, being in a horizontal position, as if reluctantly begins to crawl along the bottom, provoking even full fish to the grip. At this moment, most of the bites occur. Spoon-bait is effective when fishing on sand spits, rifts, as well as in areas with a flat, uncluttered bottom.

With the correctly calculated speed and fishing horizon, Dam's Dam Effzet Slim from Lite literally “digs” the bottom soil with its nose, attracting the attention of predatory fish even at a considerable distance from the fishing place. Spoon-baitsa showed itself perfectly in lakes and rivers with a weak current. The methods of the game are varied and dynamic, they require powerful and sharp throws up spinning with a short pause after the completion of free fall and return to the starting point. Spinner Dam Effzet Slim has long and firmly entered the arsenal of spinners.

When flashing from the boat, the swivel is removed, the fishing line is attached to the crown ring. As a result of this, it rotates much longer around the vertical axis at the lower point of discharge. If the oxygen regime deteriorates, the game’s techniques come down to methodically and uniformly tapping the bottom without rises and discharges. The implementation of the lure of almost all winter pike perches brings success: the bait is laid on the ground and slowly torn from the bottom, gently rocking with a spinner or spinning rod; or produce a fractional pit-muscle game 5-10 cm from the bottom. In pike perch and perch at a water temperature of up to + 12 ° C, silver-blue-red color of the spinner is out of competition. Another color scheme attracts pike to a greater extent.

Spinner Dam Heintz

One can safely say about this lure that its author Dr. Heintz knew very well how to seduce a pike in rivers, in ponds and in old ladies with a weak current. The spinner plays stably during wiring of various intensities, during free flow on the course, as well as in still water. The vibrations created by Dam Heintz spinners are very different from the movements of most spinners of this type (they are more high-frequency, complex and at the same time rhythmic). Especially striking are the intense vibrations or even the trembling of the tail of the bait, which is obviously particularly attractive to pike. For successful fishing, the bait must be set to the desired pace and speed of winding, with a little support of the tip of the rod. The game of spinners weighing from 11 g to 28 g reaches maximum efficiency with combined wiring with frequent pauses in the winding line. Trembling in a free fall, the bait fascinates even well-fed and capricious predators. Spinners weighing more than 28 g are more inclined to uniform wiring with periodic accelerations. Heavy bait Dam Heintz weighing 60 g are considered one of the best for trolling.

Spinner has a lively stable-attractive game. Pike are especially indifferent to it, which, due to the design of the lure and a well-placed pair of doubles, rarely manage to break even with a weak grip. It can be said that for every serious pike at least several Heintz lures of different weights and colors must be necessary, otherwise it is extremely problematic to seriously reckon on catching pike pike in our lakes and reservoirs. The best color for pike is copper or nickel. Obviously, because of the complex design of fakes like a la "Heintz" I have not seen.

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