Cultivation, feeding worms for fishing, and their mounting

Fishing is perhaps one of the most common types of recreation is a great way to escape from the urban bustle, enjoy the peace and quiet, the beauty of mother nature. The main purpose of the fisherman to receive an indescribable pleasure from the process of catching fish, because fishing for many has become not only a hobby, but also a state of mind and lifestyle.

But, what may be fishing without good bait. One of the most commonly used and effective tips are considered to be worms, well kept on the hook to catch them any fish and can easily grow and breed at home. If desired can be grown as rain, and earth worms. In order to grow them do not need to create special conditions, to put a lot of effort and expense.

Talk about growing worms for fishing

The first thing you need to buy this packaging for future breeding. Perfect both wooden and plastic boxes with a height of about 50 centimeters. Wood — you can make yourself is better and more convenient option. The bottom boxes should have sufficient number of holes, which will leave excess water. The holes should be placed evenly, the best way to make a 7 mm drill bit. In addition, the necessary tray on which to stand the box. On the tray poured the sand, it absorbs excess moisture. The sand needs to be changed.

The important points in breeding is the selection of the soil. For this you need to take soil with a low content of humus, over time, it will be a sufficient number also should not be much different leaves and roots. In addition, the earth worms should be frequently stirred, to their normal state of health and growth. In the bottom drawer stacked hay, straw or sawdust, and then covered with soil.

What to feed and how to store the worms?

To the worms grew and multiplied they must be properly stored and fed. You can feed a variety of waste, the main point — the products should not be salted. Good food will be the remnants of porridge, bread crumbs, milk, yogurt, cheese, vegetable peelings, etc. Many people recommend feeding to use bran, or oatmeal. A new batch of food you want to add, immediately after having processed the previous one. It is possible to define on a flat ground surface.

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