Correct winter snap-in float fishing rods for fishing

Features shipping with a float rod in the winter time depend only on in what conditions you will be fishing, and for each type of the reservoir there are some special moments.

The content of the article:

  • Fish in calm water
  • Moderate stream
  • What to do if the current is strong?
  • Because the use of the gear fit, for example, for carrying out fishing in ponds, not suitable for the same fishing when there is a moderate or strong current. In this regard, all equipment for winter fishing using float rod is divided into several categories.

    Fish in calm water

    A separate category is equipment for winter fishing, for fishing in calm water without any currents. In such circumstances, it is necessary that the rod was equipped with a float or a nod. Regardless of the option selected, the optimal allocation of shipping directly on the line, taking into account the probability that the bite will be on the rise, it is necessary to consider several factors.

    You need to make the correct Assembly of some parts. Namely, I initially set the float after him in that order is the main sinker, then a shepherd boy, the pipes, and only at the very end of the hook (but not a fishing shirt).

    In order that the float was immersed in water, but remained quite stable, you need to choose the right weight sinkers, which can be olive, pellet or garland. The shepherd should be smaller, but quite sufficient that the float was sinking quite slowly, at about 1 cm/s. When you perform these conditions, when will be the rise of a caught fish bait, the float will know about it and will emerge. Also take into account the distance at which are located the hook and the shepherd, it should be about 4-6 cm from the undershepherds to olives, the distance shall be not less than 15-20 cm.

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