Copper spinners in 5 minutes. Blue vitriol and a battery. Brief instruction

If you have a silver spinner lying around at home, then I suggest you conduct an experiment with it and get a copper spinner. The experience is called – copper plating at home!

Don’t be alarmed, for hadron hadn’t colliders or super knowledge of chemistry are needed … The list of what is needed for the experiment is here:

Glass container. Jar, glass, vaseCopper vitriol – gram 30. You can buy in a store for gardenersCopper wire with two cores. 30-40 centimeters A piece of copper. You can strip the old wire from insulation.

Step-by-step instruction. Copper spinners at home

And now to the process. I repeat, there is nothing complicated. It is possible, by the way, to slow down both baubles and mormyshki … Yes, even a jig head!

The first is preparation. Vitriol is poured into the container that was chosen. It is filled in with water (distilled). Proportions: 30 grams of vitriol – 60 grams of water. Stir with a wooden stick. We fasten one of the wires of the wire to the spinner.

But the second wire is screwed to our copper billet, which was pre-selected. Let me remind you, this is either a plate or a crumpled piece of wire.

Next, step number 2 – drop in a container with vitriol and spinner and a piece of copper. The main thing is not to touch. We fix it. We connect the battery to our shaitan machine.

Plus – to a piece of copper; Minus – to a spinner

We are waiting for 5 minutes, no more, and turn off the "electricity". We get the craft and voila – the bait has now become copper!

Let me remind you that this can be done with mormyshki and with hooks, and even with cheburashka, if anyone is impatient.

All NNCH on ponds.

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