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Greetings gentlemen!

As promised, I continue to share my experience of using a budget fishing rod purchased for review.

The idea of ​​trying a rod with leash rigs came to my mind about the middle of the last trip to the near snag.

The structure of the spinning rod, its tactile and visual sensitivity, the love of beginners for leash rigs and the cruel passivity of the fish, either because of the forty-degree heat, or because of the pressure of the anglers, were quite suitable for testing the spinning.

The departure was planned spontaneously (spontaneous planning is generally my strong point ????). The place for departure is determined by the partner – a run after the beach with holes, a kind of roll, not in its most classical hypostasis, after this run – a bridge, with washed braids and shifted embossed edges. Perch should be, pike and even more so. What else do you need?

Waiting for the evening, we arrived at the point at about half past seven, the heat was in no hurry to subside, the fish, judging by the surface of the water, began to show at least some activity, despite the fact that folk swimming and festivities continued nearby.

The depth is about a couple of meters, the channel ditch is overgrown with grass and shells on the sides. Picturesque steep coast. Beauty!

I wanted to take it right away and start flogging! ?? But the tail was floating there. It seems that the tackle allowed, and the fish was present, and she even fed (as mentioned by the periodic perch “champs” somewhere nearby), but, nevertheless, the fish had to be persuaded, to pick up a key, so to speak. Fortunately, although there were no problems with the load, this is another reason to love it (diverting) – do not be shy © ??

On one of the “crawls” on the curb, I get a pull of the striped. Let’s go! The structure of the spinning rod does not leave the fish a chance, sticking from the very beginning so that there is almost no need to use a friction, but the fish is not very large either! Nice summer perch on the shore, but not enough!

So I spent the evening enjoying fishing, occasional bites, and the pleasure of playing. In between, I used classic editing, and even got an unusual bonus.

Leaving the river, they were surprised, the festivities of the people continued in the dark) heat, summer! ??

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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