We somehow decided to go to the pond for zander. 01.00 we are loaded with tackles, we go, we go and nevertheless we reached …

At the beginning of the 4th morning we will be a guard, but we get a refusal. As it turned out, the priority is now carp theme, and we can only catch in the fall. It's a shame, a shame, because we drove more than 100 km in vain …

We go to the second pond, there is the same story. On the way back, we decide to call on a random pond, which is stupidly located along the road.

Here we are already slowing down and starting to catch, of course, after talking with the guards.

We liked the pond for its cleanliness, full lighting and porch almost completely on hard surface. Everywhere there are garbage cans, tables, gazebos, there are even a few houses for rent. In a few words, a young promising pond that is still developing ..

This time I have two sets with me. The first Maximus Gravity 27M with a Black Side Riot 4000 FD reel and Power Phantom Synapse # 1 weaves, the second, the new Forsage Millitary S 8'3 "for me (height 2.51 test 7-28) with a Daiwa Fuego 3000 reel. LureMax classics from 3 "to 5".

Reports from reservoirs: CUTS TO THE LIPETSKY AREA

Dawn, visibility is already quite good, evaporation increases, water is several times warmer than air temperature. Guys start casting after casting. I make a second cast on the sandy beach and grope a small bump at the bottom. When I started pulling off the LureMax Sensor 4 "in acid color, it should be bite. The first one was on the shore, though the size didn’t make me happy. After 10-15 minutes, I started to fish a small shallow bay. On one of the casts, the hook on the plume was clear. where she stood, or the place where she was going to hunt.This specimen was a little larger than the previous one, for a drop of 350-400 grams … Of course, a trifle, but nice.

Stanislav, during this time, managed to catch two striped ones on caroline. Nikolai saw only a couple of bites.

We began to move, I was looking for a certain relief at the bottom. As it turned out later, there was practically no snag on the pond; some branches at the bottom were found in only one of the bays on the opposite bank.

Next was a series of changes of baits, which does not bring any result. The first result was noticeable only when I put the LureMax Slim Shad bait in the size of 12 cm. I only then began to record contact with the fish.

I found a small curb and at the next cast I fix a good bite. I take out the bait and see a blow to the head. The bait left characteristic cuts and scratches on the load. Three such attacks were recorded at the point.

I make a knight's move. Changing the bait from bright orange to the so-called LOCH, I add a tee to the leash clasp and insert it into the bait. I make a cast, the bait touches the bottom, three quick turns of the reel, a pause of 4 seconds. There follows a good bite. I raise the pike to the shore by 700 grams and the attack was again in the head. The additional tee did the trick anyway. After a series of casts, I understand that, most of all, she was alone and attacked all these times the same pike.

Moved to the opposite shore. The guys stand rinse the bait, the result is zero. Toothy sometimes shows its presence in the form of cuts on the bait. I begin to make casts … At the next, an evil bite, a hook, sits. I raise about a kilo pike. After a while, Kohl comes to me with his Major Craft Vierra up to 42 g, which he broke on a cast of 14 g and bait 5 ”in size, and we eventually left home.

Reports from reservoirs: CUTS TO THE LIPETSKY AREA

According to the guard, a couple of days ago, the guys caught both pike and perch for half a kilo. But the nibble was actually sluggish … The pond interested us, in the future we will visit it more than once and study it in more detail. In my opinion, in the future, it will be necessary to consolidate the bait and spend time on experiments, I think the result will be quite interesting and not predictable, although the pike is always happy with a large piece.

Reports from reservoirs: CUTS TO THE LIPETSKY AREA

The activity of the predator was most quickly associated with the breaking of the weather and the lingering rain, which took place that day at night, more precisely all night and almost half a day. But I think we will soon return to this reservoir, already more prepared …

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