Closing the open water season in Ladoga

Closing the open water season in LadogaThe open water season is nearing completion. On some reservoirs, a ban on fishing under the motor has already entered into force. For fishermen, first of all, he touched Lake Ladoga – the most visited body of water in the Leningrad Region. The open water season is nearing completion. On some reservoirs, a ban on fishing under the motor has already entered into force. For fishermen, first of all, he touched Lake Ladoga – the most visited body of water in the Leningrad Region. Without a boat, fishing, at least successful, is not possible here. And since the vastness of the lake is very large, fishing is very problematic without a motor. But there are places where you can get along with a rowing boat, and one of these places is Petrokrepost Bay. This is the nearest point from St. Petersburg, and you can get here in less than an hour.

Another advantage is the availability of several boat bases, where you can rent a boat without problems. Bases are located from Oreshek fortress to the village of Koshkino, and although there may be problems with their availability on weekends, you can often find a free boat. Well, twenty years ago it was the most accessible place, especially for those who did not have a car, because you can get here by train, and then only half an hour on foot – and you are there, which, however, can be done now. When you come ashore, on your right will be Oreshek fortress and the source of the Neva River. Because of this, there is a very strong current and it is almost impossible to catch, they only fish for some tackle, for example, for a through donka. Right in front of the shore there will be a fairway, which goes left towards Ladoga.

The main species of fish here is perch, as well as pike, sometimes pikeperch comes across, but much less often – naturally, if we are talking about spinning. The bay has a very interesting relief, albeit of an unnatural origin. In the summer there is very active shipping, and the fairway passes literally a few hundred meters from the coast, gradually deviating in depth. From the outside, the fairway is fenced off from Ladoga by a stone dump, which was formed when the bottom was deepened. With a low water level, this ridge is very clearly visible. Beyond the fairway, the depths are not the greatest – about two to three meters, with thickets of grass in which there is where to hide the fish. Here the main habitat of pike. At the moment when it is active, several pieces can be caught from one grass spot. The size of the fish can be very different, the main catch, of course, up to a kilogram, but more than solid specimens may well peck. One of my acquaintances Jerkovik quite successfully caught over eight kilograms of fish there, and these were not isolated captures.

In these places generally work wobblers with a small depth, including twitching, which are held along the edge. You can also use unengaged lures, throwing them directly into the grass. This works well when the fish is inactive and is in the thicket. As elsewhere, in the fall the pike is much more active than in the summer, and in good weather you can count on excellent fishing. A little further passes the old channel, which can be found using the map. Next to it, a good fish is caught with the help of trolling – the depths quite allow. Of course, rowing there with oars is far away, but if you like trolling, it is justified.

Along the fairway, the ridge stretches for several kilometers, gradually going "to nothing" at a depth of about four meters. This is where one of my favorite casting spots is. The fairway is fenced with beacons, with the help of which it is convenient to navigate the pond even without a navigator. And many fishermen, talking about the catches and places of fishing, call precisely the numbers of beacons. In this place, jig and its derivatives are most often caught in the form of a leash. This is especially practiced along the fairway, where the depths reach twelve meters and there is a current. Usually they stand on the border of the fairway and throw towards the deep part. It is problematic to catch in the opposite direction, since it is not wide and it is simply dangerous to anchor here due to shipping.

Both twisters and vibro-tails work great. The typical size of the bait is 50-70 mm, rarely larger. Well, the bait for drop shots in the form of fry without their own game work well on the branch. The perch comes across diverse, personally I have the largest caught in these places pulled three hundred grams per kilogram. But such fish, unfortunately, is not often caught, but instances of up to one hundred grams are quite common. The average weight is about two hundred grams. As a bonus, roaches are sometimes found, which, however, often fall on a leash. Other white fish such as roach and scavenger are also caught on it. This year, one of my friends managed to catch a bream for this tackle by almost one and a half kilograms directly from the fairway.

Unfortunately, this place is highly susceptible to fishing pressure, so not all baits are caught. We have to pick them up, having tried everything that is in the arsenal, and sometimes without choosing the catchy one. Very often successful fishing here alternate with unsuccessful, however, as elsewhere. But, since the distance from the city is small, you can go there at any time – many people practice, for example, evening fishing, and also pack up quickly if the weather is bad and return home. The weather very often affects fishing, or rather, the wind. And in the northern directions the wave here is dispersed by a very decent one, even with not very strong winds. So, going to go there, be sure to watch the weather forecast. Geographically, Petrokrepost Bay is limited not only to this section, but it is not so convenient to go to other places.


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