Choosing the top right

Of course, for float fishing it is safer and much more efficient to use freshly roasted and freshly ground high-quality seeds. Up to the point that you need to cook them just before fishing. The shelf life of ground seeds is even lower than lumpy macuha. Definitely, old cake and ground sunflower seeds can ruin fishing. But if the sprinkle cake can be prepared at home, then the pressed one can only be bought.


For different fishing conditions, you need to take circles of the top of different density. The different conditions mean the flow rate and the temperature of the water. How quickly it decays depends on these two factors. For fishing in bodies of water without a current, the top should be soft or medium. Time to complete deoxidation is an hour and a half. When buying a soft top, pay attention to the fact that the circle should crumble a little, and if you knock on it, it will make a dull sound. A soft top on a pond without flow will save you time.

If the fish is hungry, which means the faster your cube of makuha looses, the faster the fish will bite. On a river with a slightly pronounced current, it is better to use a makuha medium, closer to dense in consistency. Time to deoxidation is from two to four hours. A hard top should be used on a large stream with a high intensity of blur. A soft or medium top in such conditions will last no more than half an hour, therefore, a hard top should soak for four to six hours.

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For any cake in cold water, the decay time increases by one and a half to two hours, that is, if a soft cake lasts two hours in summer, then in late autumn it is already four. Therefore, in the cold season, it is better not to use a medium and hard top.


This often scares the fish away. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no normal makuha in Zaporozhye. It is very good if you have the opportunity to buy it straight from the churn. A good cake should smell like halva and oatmeal cookies. Experienced anglers often saw circles directly on the fishing trip: this way the top does not lose its smell. But you can cook in advance, it is better if the finished pieces are folded into a jar, covered with “sawdust” from the circle and tightly closed with a lid. Better yet, cover the pieces with freshly ground fried seeds.

If the top is soft, it is better to cut pieces of the size of half a pack of cigarettes, the middle one is the size of a matchbox, and hard as a third of a pack of cigarettes. It is important to remember that the edges of the circle are always harder, so you cannot fish at the same time in pieces from the middle of the circle and from the edges. At the time when the former have already disintegrated, the latter will still lie in a dense lump. It is better to stick the hooks into the soft top of the circle: it is always a little softer and crumbles. You can also drive into the middle top from above, but without much enthusiasm. No need to hammer in the hook, press down with your finger. It hurts to press – that means enough

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Oil is impregnated not only for odor, but also for longer durability on the current. If you just dipped it into glass, then you added about an hour, and if you soaked it, and air bubbles went, then you have already added four hours. Therefore, you need to be careful, otherwise you can sit for many hours before the top breaks up.