Catching white fish from ice

Catching white fish from iceThe middle of winter is already over, but ice fishing this season began later than in previous years. Warm weather and thaws did the trick. It was not really possible to hunt a predator, but the catch of white fish was effective. With a certain approach, this fishing is no less exciting than pike perch, and does not let you get bored. Indeed, many of us love the process itself, without betting on the result! But I catch fish to make something delicious out of it, so my goal is to catch it. Let’s talk today about the tactics and technique of “worm-crank” fishing.

What peaceful fish is caught in winter?

Depending on the region and the species composition of the water bodies, ice can catch a wide variety of white fish. But in the middle zone of Russia it is mainly sopa, hustler, scavenger, roach and carp. Of course, year after year is not necessary. It happens that the whitefish is activated only at the beginning and at the end of winter, and can, like this year, be caught in the midst of the deaf winter.

Where to look for fish?

This question requires a very detailed approach and experience. We will touch only on the most common ways of finding peaceful fish when fishing from ice. If fishing is to be in places where anglers actually have a “residence permit”, then there’s no need to worry. Locals always know where to look for fish. From early morning, crowds of lovers to catch the scavenger will already gather in promising places. You just have to join. Do not go straight into the crowd. Stop nearby, take a couple of holes and watch the other participants in the “events”. Believe me, when you are lucky and you catch a couple of fish, the crowd will already be around you. If there are no bites, then just go deep in search of good luck.

Fishing in a crowd is akin to fishing in a circle of like-minded people. People accepting the rules of conduct in relation to each other, despite the cramped and bustling. They are united by a common joy from fishing, which, by the way, is often more productive than a single one. But this is if priority is given to catch, not rest. If this is not your method and you like to relax in a calm environment, then you have to look for your fish. Exits from the pits to the plateau, and the pits themselves collect schools of fish. To search for which, in an unfamiliar reservoir, storm hole after hole is a complicated matter. But if you stumble upon a flock, then it will pay off with interest. In closed reservoirs and lakes, dumps from the shore to the depths and exits from the whirlpools are caught. On large rivers, holes are made across, from the channel to the shallows. Look for differences in the depths. There are always more chances to meet fish on a heterogeneous bottom than on vast plateaus.

Winter bait

It is clear that in winter, the fish will not bite like in the summer. Affects the work of her body in cold water. And if you find a fish stop, then I highly recommend using bait. Bream, roach and others from their family respond very well to food. The main thing is to do everything right. The task of winter bait is not only to collect fish at one point, but also to tease the appetite of invited guests. Today, getting bait mixes in fishing stores is not a problem. Based on personal experience, I note that modern Russian manufacturers produce bait of very good quality and at affordable prices. For the second season I have been using KUBAN FEEDING. It is affordable and has proven itself in practice. For winter fishing, I mainly choose the “Motyl” series.

This is a winter wet bait for cold water. Of course, in winter you can use summer compounds with mild aromas, adding animal components there. But if there are ready-made options for the winter, then why complicate it? Moreover, in the cold it is convenient to use an already moistened mixture, keeping it warm under a jacket so that it does not freeze. Made "KUBAN" of natural components subjected to heat and moisture extrusion. Without going into details of the manufacturing process, I note that this gives the bait a uniform structure, enhances its attractiveness and increases the shelf life. Due to the properties obtained as a result of such processing, it creates a uniform bait spot that holds the fish in place for a long time without saturating it. That is, the fish eats and wants to eat more! It is important to remember and understand that in winter you need to feed small fish in small portions.

Equipment and methods of feeding

After choosing a promising place, we proceed to feed. There are several options for delivering bait to the bottom, depending on the depth and strength of the current. In shallow water you need to feed small balls, lowering them into the hole. Several holes are fed at once and are successively caught in search of the most “productive” ones. In deeper places, special cone feeders are used that deliver bait directly to the bottom. During the course you can use equipment with a feeder, the same as when fishing on a feeder: Gardner loop, asymmetric loop and others.

You can also use a method that resembles catching a bream on the "ring" from a boat. The bait is stuffed in plastic bottles with holes or in nets with cargo. A little upstream from the main hole in which you are going to fish, the second is done. In it, on a thick fishing line, a lure feeder is lowered. Small fractions washed away by the current attract fish and hold it on the point for a long time. This method of fishing gives good results, especially with sluggish biting.

The rig equipment itself has a different design for everyone. Again, this depends on the fishing conditions and size of the fish. It may just be a mormyshka. Or an end sinker, just above which a hook and a leash are attached. Or, like mine, a sliding olive, below which a twenty-centimeter leash with a sharp hook is attached through a swivel. As a signaling device, I sometimes put a little bell on a clothespin on a nod. Of the nozzles, a worm or bloodworm is used. If possible, it would be good to add part of the live head to the bait. In the case of a worm, it should be finely chopped. The tactics of the game are unpretentious bait and consists in constant mormancy near the bottom. Or the fishing rod is placed on the edge of the hole and the bites are tracked by a nod.

If you have never caught peaceful fish in the winter, then just try it. And I hope you are lucky in your winter fishing. Good luck

author Timur Chembarisov


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