CATCHING RIGGER for crucian carp. WHAT IS THE SECRET of catching power?

Catching rig for crucian carp .. What is the secret of catching power? Today I will tell you about one catching rig for a crucian carp for long casting. After watching the video in full, you will find out what is the secret of the catchiness of this rig. This rig will be very useful for long distance bottom fishing where long distance casting is required. The tackle is designed so that the bite will be clearly visible from a long distance. I will tell you what you need to mount this tackle, show you how to make it and how to set it up correctly, and how to set the fishing depth correctly. Find out what its advantages are over other rigs. I’ll show you how the tackle works in water. The tackle is well suited for catching crucian carp, bream, roach and other white fish. Who wants to successfully fish with this tackle, I recommend watching the entire video completely without rewinding. In this tackle, every element of the rig is important and the correct shipment and adjustment, if you do something wrong, the tackle will simply not work!

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