Catching carp on the Donk: the construction tackle, bait, fish finder

For successful catching carp in its natural habitat it is to prepare tackle, your tips, patience and endurance. Big fish, ranging from 5-8 kg, resists desperately. This is often followed by entanglement of the fishing line around the driftwood where the fish lives. Here she is fed, and therefore the task of the angler is finding holes on the river where you could potentially be prey. So how to catch carp on the Donk?

Carp lives near the bottom, searching for their food in the surface layer of sludge. Thanks to his highly developed sense of smell he is able to quickly find the bait, if she really fell near his favorite dwelling place. Because the most successful fishing tackle for recreational fishing of carp in the river will be a bottom fishing rod with a solid rod with a length of 2.5-2 meters. To catch better with moored boats, located 5-7 metres from the proposed location of the prey.

Training bottom gear

Bottom fishing rod for river fishing for carp requires casting from the side of the boat. Because the rod length 2.5-2 meters will be the most successful. It should install the reel that the angler believes the most successful. Often beginners put baitcasting reel, while fans and notorious professionals prefer inertia. Meanwhile, the coil selection is not critical.

The coil is wound 30-45 meters main fishing line with a target diameter 0.4-0.65 mm. Its color should match the color scheme of the bottom. And the fishing line-a braided line because of its low elongation and because of the use of strong rods to use is not worth it. At the end of the main fishing line is placed a weight of 40-80 grams. It is well suitable for fishing on rivers with moderate current, whereas with a strong stream useful flat sinker weighing 80-100 grams.

From the main line should depart from the leash manolescu, although it is possible to replace a network. The diameter of fishing line leash – 0,3-0,4 mm and length 25-40 cm it can fit strong carp hook No. 2/0. Here rational use of vanadium with triple hooks with chemical sharpening.

Options bait

Bottom fishing fishing on the river involves the use of resistant nozzles. Therefore it is better to use a worm or unsteamed cake. They must be mounted on the hook arbitrarily: the main requirement is resistance to the current. The carp swallows the nozzle, and therefore to care about the open the shank — not necessarily. Also suitable for fishing and limestone. The bait for fishing is not required and often even injurious, attracting a lot of smaller fish.

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