Catching bream on the ring – without a catch.

One of the most effective ways of catching bream is catching on the ring. This method requires a reasonably good equipment of the angler, but gives almost absolute guarantee of the catch. Method well known for many years, so you can give reliable guidance in the formulation of gear and the General rules of fishing.

What is the meaning of this type of fishing?

First, to implement the required fishing boat. Most fishermen prefer a conventional non-motorized inflatable boats. They have obvious benefits for ponds with a slow current. For reliable fixation is necessary to anchor the boat. It is recommended to use two anchors and rope, fastened between them.

The result of attachment to a single anchor the boat will be a bit to download and deploy, but the result of fishing, this should not affect. The main advantage of the inflatable boat is its quietness and maneuverability.

Fishing the ring is directly under the bottom of the boat. Bream, as we know, fish are very cautious and fearful. The slightest extraneous sound produced by the boat may spook the fish and leave the hunter without a catch. Method of attachment to the rope, stretched between two anchors, will allow to fix more reliable and avoid unnecessary noise.

Secondly, you should understand the principle of fishing on the ring. To achieve results it is recommended to choose the waterways. No guaranteed deprive the fisherman of the catch. After all, the current should wash the feed and thus attract fish.

We fill the feeder and place food at the bottom of the load. As food you can use crackers, bread. Traditional forage, such as millet, barley and other cereals, time-tested and also suitable. In General, this question everyone is free to choose the preferred food. Then drop the feeder to the bottom, attach it to the boat thick fishing line so that it was taut.

As the main hunting, you can use normal side rod which can be purchased at any fishing store. The choice of the coil and the line requires no specific conditions and costs.

Fishing ring: features and installation

Consider the ring itself. This snap-in provides a lead ring with a cross section at 45 degrees to the plane. On the other side of the ring attached to the hole for the fishing line attached to the winding ring. Through the cross-section of the ring is worn on a thick fishing line and lowered to the bottom of the trough. The locking ring thus allows you to place the leash and hooks deep enough for successful fishing while retaining relative freedom of movement of gear. Some fishermen prefer instead to use chrome or steel tubing. Their filled with lead, leaving only a hole for the main line.

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