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Carp is the most common fish family Cyprinidae in the middle lane – largely because of its fertility and simplicity to the environment. This fish is popular not only among fishers, but also in the circle of lovers of good cuisine due to its excellent taste. These characteristics make it possible and desirable his breeding in the home pond even at their summer cottage.

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  • General information
  • How to make a pond for the cultivation of carp
  • Stocking carp pond created
  • Feeding
    • What to feed the carp in your pond
    • The process of feeding
    • Where to get food
    • Feeding the fry of carp
    • Spawning
    • Carp home pond in winter
    • How to quickly grow
  • Useful video

General information

Both species of carp – gold and silver, can live in the rivers rich in oxygen and small lentic water bodies in the water, the oxygen content of which is minimum. Also, this fish can withstand the harsh conditions in winter, burrowing into the mud for a long time and stopping feeding before the onset of favorable weather.

Under natural conditions, Golden carp can grow to 50 cm long and weight about 3 kg, and silver – about 40 cm and weighing just over 2 kg. In the artificial pond to grow fish of this species of this size will not work, however, the survivability, the minimum requirements for environmental conditions and features feeding did carp a popular object for propagation and cultivation in household ponds.

How to make a pond for the cultivation of carp

For the cultivation of carp can be used a small fire pond, artificially made dam on the Creek and decorative pond. If there are none, then it is possible to make such a pond on their own.

The area excavated pond should be at least 25 sq. m and the depth is about 2 m. to Do a deeper pond does not make sense, because it will cause prolonged heating of the water to an acceptable temperature, but at lower depths may have problems with winter fish.

The process of creating a backyard pond is the following:

  • Is tokenized form of the pond using pegs and cord. He does not have to be rectangular.
  • With the help of an excavator or manually dug pit. The slope of the walls to the middle of the pond should be about 20 degrees.
  • Is compaction of the bottom and vynashivanie gravel and sand.
  • On the bottom of the reservoir fit waterproofing of roofing material or film with its obligatory conclusion to the earth’s surface.
  • The bottom is concreted , the first layer of concrete of about 10 cm, at the same time it recessed and fit wire mesh around the bottom.
  • After hardening of the first layer concreted the remaining area of the pond with the use of formwork. Be sure to use reinforcing meshes.
  • The walls are plastered using gidrostroitelej additives such as liquid glass.
  • Upon solidification on the bottom pour gravel, sand or loam for plant algae, if you want to fit decorative boulders.
  • The pond is filled with water for some time before his stocking – for the successful growth of fry is necessary that the water had developed the required flora and fauna.
  • Attention! For successful wintering of crucian carp is possible to make a small indentation at the bottom to 80 cm below the main bottom level is the so-called wintering well. Fish will gather there for the winter.
    Stocking carp pond created

    For stocking the young fish can be taken in fishery. On a reservoir with a total area of about 25 sq. m. to approximately 20 young of the year, which can be grown to commercial sizes.

    Before the start of the year takes to the water in the pond have settled there and developed the necessary microflora and fauna, which will be additional food for carp.

    This method is convenient because it helps to regulate the number of fish, preventing overcrowding, while at the end of the season carp is caught, reaching the size required.

    Also stocking a pond yourself. For this purpose, the specified area of the reservoir is 25 sq. m. need 2 females silver carp males and a pair of Golden carp. You can also use male carp, because in a population of silver carp is extremely rare males, and fertilization of the ROE of other fish species is necessary for its development.

    The size of the carp should be at least 200-300 g, despite the fact that the sexual maturity of silver carp occurs in the second year of life with less weight. Males should be selected for fluid milk. It is best to take fish with a high bodybecause the faster they gain weight.

    Attention! Before the fish are launched into the pond, they should be kept separate.

    Feeding carp in your pond does not make any problemsbecause it’s natural diet is very diverse. Over time, the pond will breed bloodworms and other animals, the algae, however, for good growth of fish feeding is required in ponds with established water and newly filled.

    What to feed the carp in your pond

    As carp are omnivorous, feeding for it you can use plant food – for example, rye, bran, corn , boiled potatoes, and food of animal origin – meat, bloodworms, rain or manure worms. For a fully balanced diet it is possible to use ready to feed industrial production. They will be the optimal ratio of nutrients and minerals fat, fiber, protein, vitamins. The rules of feeding. Time for more bait carp occurs at a water temperature of 10 degrees – that is, beginning with AprilI of the month. Previously add the bait should not, because the fish will be inactive, showing no interest in food. There is an upper limit temperature which is 25 degrees. At higher water temperatures the fish also stops food.

    The process of feeding

    For feeding carp , you should use a special device – a metal pan, preferably made of sheet stainless steel or galvanized steel. Well, if he is to have a mechanism that allows it to free dive and fall into the water.

    This is done in order to be able to regulate the process of eating food, visually tracking the presence of residues of bait on the bottom and in order to remove uneaten food from the water, preventing rotting and deterioration of pond water. How often and how much to feed.

    It is important not to exceed the amount of feed, because the excess bait will be posted at the carp pond. Calculates the optimum amount of feed is quite simple – the mass of a single feed should not exceed 5% of the total weight of all carp in the pond. That is, if the pond is inhabited by 30 carp weighing 100 g, weight of feed given should be 5% of 3 kg, that is 150 g Feed for carp can be one or two times a day. It is advisable to do this at the same time, because the fish gets used to the diet, it produced a conditioned reflex.

    You can even use the sound stimuli before feeding – for example, a bell. Thanks to the development of reflex carp will quickly find your lowered into the water feed and it is better to learn. Feeding time should be between 30 minutes to one hour. For a longer period to leave the excess food in the water is not recommended.

    Attention! In early spring, after waking up from hibernation is possible to slightly increase the amount of feed for carp, as it will actively eat. And the approach temperature to the upper level of feeding activity of fish (25 degrees) the amount of feed required is somewhat reduced.
    Where to get food

    Food for carp you can prepare yourself – for example, mix ground maize with minced meat, bone meal, and bran, steamed it all with water and allow to infuse for about half an hour. From the ready mass ride small balls, which are then fed to the fish. A good addition would be chopped dandelion leaves, nettles, or duckweed. You can also add manure worm or chopped bloodworms, which you can buy at the pet store.

    Recently popular and commercial feeds for domestic carp. The most popular of the following manufacturers:

  • Tetra. An American company producing dry feed for fish. This feed is balanced, which allows not to worry about missing any important minerals in the diet of carp.
  • JBL. The German company, manufactures high quality feed for fish with modern equipment. The products of this company is one of the most qualitative in the world, leaving behind its competitors.
  • OTTO. Produces enriched in trace elements, acids and vitamins dry food allowing the fish to quickly achieve high mass in the home pond.
  • Feeding the fry of carp

    Prepared feed mixtures sold in pet stores, are divided into several types – balanced feed for adult fish, bait, containing the most needed minerals and vitamins and allows you to balance food and also feed for fry of the carp, for example, Tetra Pond Sticks Mini. Feed consumption should be seen in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    Attention! For feeding carp suitable food produced for goldfish, because the goldfish is the kind bred in China from a simple gold carp. Also, there is a universal feed for most cold-fish.

    In order, to the fish themselves were multiplied in the pond, it is necessary that in the home the pond was algae necessary for spawning. For fertilization, the eggs need to have in the pond were males of crucian carps.

    Attention! To regulate the number of fish and size for self-propagation in your pond, you need to run a small pike of about 20 – 30 cm in length. She will eat small animals, preventing overpopulation of the pond and leaving the larger fish.

    Spawning carp

    Carp home pond in winter

    Leave the fish in winter is possible only in those ponds in which the thickness of the unfrozen water under the most severe winter frosts must be at least 70 cm. For the winter carp will dig in the mud, showing minimal activity. The main objective at this time is the support of the necessary concentration of oxygen in the water. You can use the specialized equipment or to make regular holes in the ice. So they slowly freeze, they can insert branches of trees or tufts of grass.

    How to quickly grow

    In two years with proper feeding of silver carp fry can grow up to 250 – 300 g. Gold has a slightly lower gain in a year, but eventually grows to large size.

    Useful video

    Stocking the pond with carp in the garden in the video below.

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