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Carp baitFirst, information for thought. It was a warm May morning. My friend and I quite zealously “bombarded” with bait balls a small area where the depth did not exceed one meter and the stems of last year's reeds stuck out. They fed millet boiled to a soft state, mixed with ground sunflower meal. Soon the bites began. He took the "palm" solely on small dung beetle. The nibble lasted until about noon. Several times we tried to catch about fifty meters away without bait – I didn’t take crucian carp …

Already at home, processing caught crucians, I did not find any food in their intestines, including millet. Why did crucian carp concentrate in the place of fishing? Most likely, fish that day was attracted not by the feed itself, but by its smells – the smell of steamed fresh millet or sunflower meal, or maybe both. In general, crucian carp is already interesting because every time it “sets” to the angler a lot of puzzle tasks. And from your ingenuity, I would even say – insights, the success of the next fishing largely depends. One of my friends, a fisherman, said quite accurately about the crucian: “His tastes change like the Leningrad weather.” And every time you have to adapt to please fussy.

Here is the recipe: standard universal bait for cyprinids (imported or domestic); ground toasted hemp seeds, oilcake; liquid attractants such as honey, anise, tutti-frutti. But this bait may be ineffective. In May – early June, for example, crucian carp is very indifferent to the red dung worm; at that time he takes eagerly for bloodworms. Therefore, when preparing the feed mixture, these components should be given special attention. In the middle of summer, standard baits may not work at all. As for the maggot, I add it to the bait only in those cases when I catch it on this nozzle, and crucian prefers it. This is easy to figure out already at the beginning of fishing. One after another you try the nozzles – silence. But then you make a couple of maggots – and almost immediately follows a bite.

Naturally, after bait, it is advisable to add a little maggot. If there are a lot of tops, mustard, minnow, small roach in the crucian habitats, I recommend using granulated compound feed based on oilcake, which is fed to carp in fishery ponds, as a bait. As for the positive effect on the appetite of crucian carp cocoa powder, banana extract or bird droppings, I think this is “from the evil one”.

author: Kazantsev V.
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