BROWN CUP look from a Janus representative

2 weeks ago, janus participated and was also one of the sponsors of the Brown Bass fishing tournament in Luga. I watched the video report, memories flooded

What did you think of it??? The best and most enjoyable !!! Arriving 200km from home, you absolutely do not feel like visiting, and this already says a lot. And they watered tea and cakes, and it was not only me, but all the participants, there were 84 of them !!! And they all arrived, despite heavy rains the day before, and everyone understood that the weather could be the most unpredictable … And the start was early, there was simply no time for thought and doubt.

The weather didn’t let down, there was no rain, the sun sometimes peeped, but I froze anyway, as I didn’t move so much on the street and unlike fishermen, but more because of my negligence – at five in the morning my brain was still asleep ((( in general, I didn’t take any thermal underwear, I don’t know what I was counting on, probably +30 But they didn’t let me freeze here either, they isolated a jacket, although not in size, but warm and with soul !!!

Among the participants there were happy owners of thermal underwear janus and with each tournament there are more of which cannot but rejoice) thank you for choosing us !!! Well, now, and most importantly.

Despite the fact that this time the fish was hiding from us and there was no bite in our team, which could be for the best, we were forbidden to take all the gifts))) and promised not to be allowed to compete anymore in case of victory. This, of course, is a joke …

The tournament was held in one breath, interestingly, in conditions of healthy competition. We were pleased !!! At the weigh-in, almost all the participants brought live fish, which they then released. There were no indifferent and dissatisfied !!! Every year the tournament attracts more and more participants, people are more and more striving for active pastime. The organization of such events promotes a healthy lifestyle and rallying people whose interests coincide.

For this, I would like to thank the organizers and sponsors, especially, many thanks to Igor Mikhailov and Oleg Oshurkov.

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