BREAST, CHAPTER on the Dnieper! Cool fishing on an outdoor overnight feeder!

This time I decided to check my native Dnieper near the house. Water had already fallen to normal summer levels, but was unclear due to recent rain. He chose a place that attracted the eye and where it was more or less possible to sit without dirt, and his main hope lay in a large amount of bait, which would be abandoned immediately from the start. Promer showed a small dimple near the coast with a rocky bottom and a small amount of shell. The distance is around 24-25 meters. which was very comfortable for fishing. MANKO’s 80g feeders with lugs stood rooted to the spot! Again I continue to experiment with bait from VABIK. Now mixed up the PRO and XXL series. The composition was very fragrant and cool in mechanics !!! He slightly overshooted so as not to dust and attract bleak. From the equipment again inline on the fishing line 0.28, leashes 0.14 and 0.16 and hooks 12 numbers from the hammocks 2210. Feeding began with a large feeder and this process dragged on … 50 minutes! Threw almost 10 liters of bait and 3 liters of cereal! The first hour of bites was not then, but then I immediately caught a bream and a head, then I got a few pods. As it got dark, the nibble immediately turned off. At night, the bream did not feed or went to eat in another place … Only a small catfish disturbed me. But with dawn, an awesome nibble began !!! I caught two breams and chubs and could not get a couple more! It is a pity that the time was only until 8 in the morning, but already got a lot of buzz from fishing.


Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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