Bread as a nozzle

Bread as a nozzleBread is a bait that is often underestimated. But a variety of baits are made from freshly baked molded bread that can help you fishing. White bread crumb bait is extremely catchy. Not only bream and roach are caught on it, but also fat carps. It is especially effective in places where waterfowl are often fed with bread, and fish are already used to it. Here, even bait is not required.

The crumb is planted, tightly pressing the hook to the forearm. The bread around the hook tip is left loose so that it can swell in the water and become a seductive look. The crumb can be squeezed out of slices of fresh white bread using a special mold. Then the hook is simply pierced through such a piece of bread. True, in ponds with a strong current, bread crumbs are rather poorly hooked.

White bread can also be turned into dough. For this purpose, remove the crust from the slices, moisten them and knead in a dry towel until then, until a soft paste appears, and then a viscous dough. A towel protects the dough from absorbing unpleasant human odors: sweat or nicotine. On bites of dough the size of a pinhead on hook No. 18, live bait is caught, on slices the size of cherries on hook No. 8, chubs and a line are caught, and on balls of dough the size of a walnut on hook No. 2, thick carps.

Fishes, like people, do not like dry bread every day. So, you need to come up with something. Therefore, some anglers add catchy flavors to the dough or bread crumb. Others tint bread with fodder dyes. In any case, there is no limit to their imagination.

At the height of summer, at a temperature of about + 30 ° C, many fish like to bask in the sun in the surface layers of water. But sometimes they are not averse to snack. And now it is time to throw them a bread crust. It is presented on a free fishing line or with a transparent float – a water ball (if long casts are required). By the way, in this way you can catch not only carp, but also grass carp, ide and roach.

But on this the possibilities of using bread for fishing are far from exhausted. For feeding when fishing with a feeder, bread also constitutes a worthy alternative to traditional breadcrumbs. For example, participants in fishing competitions use crushed bread (meshed bread), which they fill in a feeder or feed when fishing with a Waggler balsa float. Bread forms a dense cloud of turbidity in the water, but does not leave fish particles of food that they could get enough of. And at the bottom lies our bait, which they naturally attack immediately. Thus, bread is more than just a bait that is needed to get out of a predicament; he will provide you with a good catch.

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