Bologna fishing on the middle river

Bologna fishing on the middle riverIn almost any body of water, six to seven out of ten fishermen are caught using conventional telescopes with rings and a reel. By and large, if you do not go into various subtleties and details, this is the “Bologna tackle”, which gained truly popular love in our country long before it was invented and became famous in our homeland, in Spain. Another thing is that in our country this method of fishing is most often used spontaneously and, so to speak, on a hunch. Therefore, it still makes sense to talk about some of the “subtleties” and “details” of Bologna fishing.

Gear assembly

The optimal length of the fishing rod for fishing on large and medium-sized rivers of the Oka or Moscow River scale is seven meters. In some places you can get by with a shorter, 6-meter, but still it is better to opt for a longer rod. Especially if you have a trip to an unfamiliar place. The choice of rod length is determined by both the width of the river and its depths. It is clear that with a longer rod it is more convenient to cast and control equipment when fishing and to fish when playing. If at the fishing spot the depth reaches 5-6 meters, then without a long fishing rod it will be practically impossible to catch. Do not save too much on the quality of the rod. After all, it is in the hand all day, and it has to be thrown. A light, high-quality rod does not just make fishing comfortable – the main thing is that it allows you to carry out the wiring as it should, and not as it turns out with cheap and inefficient gear.

As for the coil, in my opinion, the match-free inertia with a high winding speed is most suitable. Its size for a 6-7-meter rod ranges from 3000 to 4000 according to the Shimano classification or 2500-3500 according to Daiwa. And one more important detail. The reel must be installed in a precisely defined place on the butt of the rod, which is determined based on the balance of the gear. For each pair, “rod-reel” is its own place. If the reel is installed correctly, then even with a seven-meter fishing rod you can wave it off all day and not be very tired. If the reel is shifted only 2-3 cm from the optimal position, then the hand will begin to fall off after a couple of hours of active fishing.

I must say that full-time reel seat very rarely stand on the rod exactly where you need it. Therefore, to balance the gear you have to rearrange it. If you are not confident in your abilities, then the simplest solution is to buy a new reel seat and wind it with electrical tape in the right place. At the same time, at first, it will be possible to quickly move the reel seat along the fishing rod blank directly while fishing, looking for the point of optimal balance. Indeed, without some experience, finding it is not so simple. For fishing on rivers, ordinary drop-shaped floats are suitable, preferably with a long metal keel and a slightly thicker than usual, clearly visible antenna.

Unfortunately, the use of conventional floats is limited, as there is a certain threshold for carrying capacity, after which its further increase practically does not give a commensurate improvement in the quality of wiring. This threshold depends on the shape of the float, the diameter of the fishing line, the depth and strength of the current. For example, for the main fishing line with a diameter of 0.14, this limit will be about 12 grams (of course, depending on other factors). Therefore, for a fishing line of this thickness it does not make sense to use a more lifting float. If at the place of fishing the flow without pronounced turbulence and whirlpools runs parallel to the shore, or it is slightly bumpy, then the bolo series float would be ideal. These floats are removable, which in combination with removable olive allows you to quickly reconfigure from one snap weight to another. The carrying capacity of bolo floats for rivers of the Oka type is from 6 to 10 grams, sometimes it can reach up to 15 grams. For smaller and quieter rivers, such as the Moscow River, from 3 to 6 grams.

When mounting equipment, special attention should be paid to ensure that the distance from the reloading to the main load is greater than from the reloading to the hook, otherwise overlaps and tangles during casting are inevitable. Replaceable olive takes on the bulk of the load. It is mounted, like a float, on silicone cambrics. The rest of the load is made up of additional pellets and sub-stocks. The stock is perhaps the most important element of the snap. It is desirable to make it type-setting, for example, from two or three pellets from 0.09 to 0.25 g, so that its weight can be adjusted if necessary. In some cases, the sub-stock has to be removed altogether, leaving in its role only the swivel No. 22-24 connecting the main fishing line with the leash.

As the main fishing line, it is best to use match diameter of 0.14-0.16 mm. It makes no sense to put thinner ones, given the weight of the equipment and the likelihood of biting large fish. A thicker fishing line will greatly sail on the course, forcing you to use unnecessarily heavy rigging and coarsening all the tackle as a whole. The leash is made from a good fishing line with a diameter of 0.1 to 0.12 mm, depending on the intended catch. In stock it is also worth having leashes with a diameter of 0.08-0.09 mm in case of catching capricious or small fish. Hooks, as usual, are selected primarily for the type and size of the nozzle. Thin hooks No. 16-18 are suitable for bloodworms; for maggots you can use No. 14-16, a little thicker, especially if small specimens are expected in the catch.

Seat selection

It is very good if in the area selected for fishing at a distance of 10-25 meters from the shore, the depth will be from 1.5 to 3 meters without any significant drops, without thickets of grass, snags and other interference. It’s good if there are several low tubercles or shallow pits at the bottom. Such conditions are simply ideal for comfortable fishing with Bologna gear. Of course, not always this kind of river sections are attractive for fish, but, correctly using bait, you can try to pull the fish to yourself. In this sense, it would be worthwhile to have some quiet-water creek adjacent to the wiring zone. Then there will be a chance to lure fish from this bay, and larger specimens from the depths.

Sections of the river can be very promising, where the channel comes close to the shore and at a distance of 15-20 meters there is good, 5-6 meters, depth. Typically, such conditions are accompanied by a stronger course and steep banks. In such places it is very difficult to catch Bologna gear, but it is very effective and interesting, especially in the hot summer time. Although such fishing is, rather, from the category of extreme and requires quite serious preparation and certain experience.

About bait and baits

The theme of bait is immense, but you can still give some fundamental recommendations. Firstly, there should be a lot of bait mixture when fishing with a Bologna fishing rod on the river. A strong current quickly erodes the food, and almost immediately follows a decrease in the activity of biting. Secondly, you need to feed not a patch of bottom in the fishing zone, but an entire track. The mixture should give a cloudy trail, in which fishing will actually be conducted. Often, fishermen throw bait balls right in front of them, which is fundamentally wrong. In order to fully realize the full potential of the Bologna tackle, it is necessary to feed always downstream – 3-5, and sometimes 7-10 meters from the fisherman. Only in this case it will be possible to competently carry out postings and work effectively with gear.

As for feeding tactics, most of the mixture, about two-thirds, goes to starter feeding, and the rest – to feeding throughout the fishing. You can either feed it massively 3-5 times per fishing, or throw a couple of small balls after every 4-5 postings. Other options are possible, of course – this largely depends on the activity of the fish. The main and quite universal attachment when fishing on rivers is the bloodworm. Very often maggots also work, and the warmer, the more effective it is. And of course, in the summer, vegetable baits work well – barley grains or wheat. You must always have this minimum set with you: it is not known what will “shoot”, especially if the river is unfamiliar.

A bit about fishing technique

The number one problem for many anglers is the incorrect determination of the depth at the place of fishing. In general, it is rather difficult to accurately determine the depth of the course. To do this, you need a heavier depth gauge – 15-20, or even 30 grams. After casting the tackle into the fishing zone, it is necessary to make the movement a fishing rod against the current, having sunk the float, and then loosen the fishing line. With insufficiently set depth, the float simply does not float, but with excess depth it floats, will go a little downstream and will sink again. By the length of the swim, and you can judge the excess of the set depth. However, such accuracy, as a rule, is not required – after all, you have to catch with a hold and accordingly increase the descent.

The correctness of the set descent is also evaluated during the first test postings by the presence of gaps or hooks on the bottom and by bites. An important detail is the ability to control the passage of equipment and to hold it at the probable points of bites. To do this, hold the rod so that it is almost a right angle with the fishing line. In addition, it is necessary to clearly control the vacation of the fishing line, avoiding slack, but also without excessive tension, otherwise the equipment rises above the bottom too high. And the last but important detail. When fishing with a long rod and with a thin fishing line, it is very desirable to have on hand nets with a long, 3-4 meters, handle.



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