Boat fishing in the Jumanji style boat

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The summer season was opened on 08/13/2019. Yes, yes, all summer, my son, already three months old, hadn’t been up to business and weather, and thanks to Nikolai Palitsyn I ended up on our Gorky sailor. For a long time this old sailor monitored the weather for fishing from a boat on a mormyshka, and now he tracked a fine calm day.

We left at 1.30 in Puchezh. During the conversations flew quickly. The boat was this time his new NDND Grouper 320 + Yamaha 9.8. In general, the boat was pleased with the speed of assembly and how softly it goes through the water and even standing in the boat is normal if you put an EVA mat there.

They decided to dedicate the morning to the perch and until 10 am whipped down the dumps known to us, even the seagull helped us, but until 10 in the morning there were a dozen voles and 2 perches in the piggy bank.

And then the inner voice said time! It's time to go to the roach for roach !!! and rushed through the mirror of the Gorky reservoir to meet the "loaves" of silver.

It turned out to be more difficult to find the fish than in the fall, since the green stuff in the ode reduced visibility into the homemade camera to half a meter, we also had a winter echo sounder Practitioner 6M, and this is how I felt the difference in equipment after the plastic case and the 9 ”echo sounder with GPS. But desire and labor, we will mash the rope anchor))) in general, they anchored and began to crawl along the rope in search of fish, and since the day was with the bright sun it was necessary to put on a mantle in the form of a jacket in the old days, it looked wild from the side, but it was easier to look at the monitor.

And in the chamber the first fish began to flicker, even the gnarly one posed for us. I could not keep a record, I forgot to take a flash drive.

At first it was all sad, the water without flow, the green with flakes half an hour later flowed and it seems that the matter went and the green extended and the bites went more confident.

The fish’s behavior also pleased, at first the first 2-3 meters were easy and simple and the resistance was 100 grams of an individual, but at the surface a show started, which we called: “Now turn on the evil dog”. So each roach gave that sometimes it was necessary to pit 2-3 meters and it gave an unforgettable thrill from fighting.

It pecked very capriciously more than three fish for one mormyshka in a row could not be caught, so they knitted, knitted and knitted. The hits were GSH, GSH acid (for me), little devil and cheese cube (for Kolya).

So we persuaded her to 17 hours, the evening bite did not wait at home, the son was waiting for a swim.

Yes, I wanted to say that the fishing went in the style of “Jumanji”: in the morning the oak tree, after the heat, the seagulls peeled the boat, before the stream we got a stain of green water, smelly and dense, one midge flew with it, after the second, the sun roasted us all day, and in the evening at the camp they found a snake in a boat. Already neighing with words, nature, let us have the next test, it’s already tired))

So for a day with Kolya they pulled 7.5 kg of roach for two (the largest with Kolya for a line of 585g), it will be necessary to repeat and improve. Photos of top mormyshek attached. Thanks to this day, he believed in an acid ball on roach. Earlier for 3 years he did not work for me on it, only on a perch.

Until next time …

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