Blue Fox Swing Lures

Blue Fox Swing LuresThe specifics of the company's popularity in Russia are primarily associated with the release of high-quality spinning lures, but in the world market fluctuating lures and pilkers, which, in fact, are universal baits for fishing with spinning, trolling and plumb, are no less famous. According to the authors, the vast majority of Blue Fox spinners seem to be specially designed for fishing in civilized, poaching, environmental press, rivers and ponds of central Russia. Each spinner has its own unique playing style, able to attract the attention of the most fastidious predator. Many Russian fishermen discovered the hesitant baits of Blue Fox a few years ago and were struck by their extraordinary subtlety.

I am familiar with many spinning players, including famous athletes who cannot imagine successful fishing without Blue Fox spinners. And this applies to Ultra Light class spinners and decent weight pilkers, which in recent years have been more and more crowded with traditional jig baits for stepping.

Spinner Sea Shiner

Spinner Sea Shiner can “give odds” to most jig baits when catching flat sections of the river without pronounced bottom drops. The greatest number of bites is observed when the lure moves at an average pace in the immediate vicinity of the bottom. Spoon attracts a predator with a shallow vibrating game, vaguely reminiscent of the movement of such seemingly dissimilar surface lures as Stik and Popper. The desired effect can be achieved in the following cases:
– with uniform high-speed wiring with periodic contact of the bottom;
– during sharp throws up and subsequent pause caused by the fall and demolition of the bait by the current.
The bait showed itself well when catching shallow sandy sections of rivers, directly behind the rifts or in the coastal zone, where a large predator often goes in pursuit of small things.

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Spinner Skarpsilda

It has long been noticed that herring-shaped baits designed for sea fishing have proven their worth when fishing for zander in rivers and ponds of central Russia. It can be assumed that small herring, in most respects (external resemblance, flocking lifestyle, excellent taste), is not much different from large bleak – the favorite “toothy” treat. Bleak and herring are on the menu of the most diverse predators that follow them literally on their heels. But the most important thing is that the spinner in the form of a herring has a very specific amplitude game both when fishing with a spinning rod, and in a plumb line. With a lure weight of 100 g, the deepest fairway pits and fenders on long rifts are easily caught.

When posting a rather heavy bait (the weight of the pilkers under consideration ranges from 100 g to 250 g), it not only drags languidly along the bottom, but moves impulsively, oscillating – nodding in the vertical plane. Pike perch most often attacks the lure during the so-called torn rhythm, when fast wiring is replaced by a smooth stroke. Although, of course, the choice of the speed mode of posting depends only on the activity of the predator at the time of fishing. Practice shows that choosing the optimal mode is easy.

In strong currents (bumps, rifts, shallows) fishing techniques come to the fore by the method of stepwise drift. Therefore, spinners with lure Skarpsilda have the opportunity to catch promising sections of water bodies with a fast current, where the use of other lures is ineffective. The successful shape of the spinner (the head part is slightly raised) allows you to avoid a significant number of bottom hooks. In the event of a collision with a snag or a flooded tree, the spinner seems to run into an obstacle, jump up, avoiding hooks with hooks. Having anchored the boat in the course, the fisherman is able to catch a large area of ​​the water area with the lure.

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When fishing with a spinning spinner, the lure perfectly holds a given fishing horizon and attracts predatory fish. With the opening of the fishing season, the lurky Skarpsilda effectively flies zander in lakes, reservoirs and full-flowing rivers. The shape, play and coloring of the baubles look so natural and convincing for a predator that specimens of pike perch weighing from 300 g to 5 and more kilograms are mixed on a bait weighing 100 g.

Spinner Mini

The ultralight oscillating spinner, originally conceived for fishing fish of the salmon family, has firmly entered the arsenal of Russian spinning lures. All components are precisely and optimally designed for the bait: weight, balance and size make it easy to cast a three-gram spinner over considerable distances. There are no random details in the design of the bait. Even imitations of eggs have a dual role:
1. serve as additional weight when casting;
2. attract the attention of all predatory fish (unfortunately, including ruff and small perch).

Spinner is available in three versions:
– (3 cm – 3 g);
– (4 cm – 5 g);
– (5 cm – 7 g).
The advantages of a three-gram spinner should include the fact that, despite its low weight, it has a stable, sweeping game and allows for wiring of various intensities. Therefore, it is highly appreciated by serious ultralight lovers. Spoon Mini is indispensable during periods of low activity of the predator associated with a lack of oxygen dissolved in water, as well as at times when the predator actively eats fry – year-old or Verkhovka. The shape, color, balance, and especially the imitation of eggs made the bait for fishing perch unique from the vibrating spoon-bait for ice. It is difficult to say which component of the “boat” spinner, that’s what the game of bait can be called, came to taste “striped”. But the perch pack, mesmerized by the game and the shape of the bait, attacks it until it is completely exterminated. When fishing from ice, the spinner has one drawback – the hanging tee. Perch swallows it very deep, so the fisherman spends a lot of time extracting it from its mouth. To make the bait on the tee more attractive, it is advisable to tie a thin knot of wool with a knot of no more than 3 cm in length.

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Spinner Trout Pike Quiver

It has long been noticed that the movement of volumetric, relatively light weight lures during wiring and free fall looks more natural than that of similar metal models. Therefore, fish takes on them much more often and decisively. At the same time, a special game with complex vibrations is not required, since the voluminous surface itself is a powerful irritant. The weight range of Trout spinners (it includes lures from 8 g to 38 g) allows you to cover the whole range of different fishing conditions. But the pond trout (weight of the spinner 8 g, length 5 cm), deep pike (weight of the spinner 16 g, length 7 cm) and river pike perch (weight of the spinner 28 g, length 9 cm) were especially fancy for the bait. In all cases, the predator attacks the lure at the lowest possible speed. The fisherman leads the bait so that it seems that its movement is about to stop, but in practice this does not happen.

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