Black Hole Stratos-II Review

Reviews: Black Hole Stratos-II Review

Reviews: Black Hole Stratos-II Review

Reviews: Black Hole Stratos-II Review

After a number of fishing trips, it was time to review the Stratos II Bologna rod from the Black Hole family. Let's go after Ecclesiastes: time to watch is time to draw conclusions.

I must immediately say that my Stratos passed the test, if not with fire and copper pipes, then with water to the full. “Bolon” ​​and I were wading through the reed jungles, we caught snags, on-cheers we understood kilogram crucian carp – and all without any problems. This, of course, does not mean that Stratos will suffer any fishing rudeness, because in a bad way it is possible and … to break it. What once happened when I, carelessly collecting the bait, broke the tip … veshinki and thus confirmed the truth of that very saying.

As Chekhov said, everything should be fine in a person. But the same can be said about fishing gear. The exterior and “exterior” of the Stratos are flawless. In reviews of the Black Hole Stratos II, the fishermen admire the strict design and thoughtfulness of the accessories installed on the rod. It is noted that the flow rings with inserts made of SiC on a high foot in combination with an anti-overlap tulip completely exclude the possibility of line sticking to the form or twisting it at the tip. With this fishing rod it is no longer necessary to look at the whip in order to ensure that there is no overlap before casting. In the description of this model, it is indicated that the manufacturers used in the manufacture of the form high modular graphite Im7, thereby increasing the strength characteristics, without reducing the tactile sensitivity of the gear. I fully associate myself with this general opinion of expert fishermen.

As well as the fact that experts recommend using the Black Hole Stratos-II to work with medium-heavy float installations. Due to moderate-fast formation, the rod is characterized by excellent catapulting properties. Even with a head wind, it is able to send a snap over a long distance that is too soft for the lapdogs. But even though this series of rods was specially designed for serious fishing, and they are designed for throwing heavy floats over long distances, I cannot help noting that lightweight float installations are quite harmoniously combined with the Stratos. The weight of the rod (250 grams) and the sensitivity of the tip allow you to comfortably make casts, even a miniature float and weight pellet.

It is useful to add to this that to hook fish with this rod it is not necessary to include the entire form of your own body)), it is enough to make a short but sharp movement with your hand.

Stratos-II with a length of 520 cm. Can be considered a universal instrument in battles with crucian carp, tench, carp both in open water and in a water thicket. By removing one or two knees or, on the contrary, by opening it to its full length, you can get to the most hidden windows where the coveted trophy lives and feeds. At the same time, a powerful form with a sensitive, but tough tip will always allow you to control the fish during the landing.

What is the general conclusion we come to? And to such that the Bologna fishing rod Stratos-II 520 from Black Hole is distinguished by adequate cost and versatility of application. The same tackle can be comfortably fished both from shore to long-range rigging, or from a boat in calm water or wiring. And, by the way, the choice is yours, and good fishing trips to you!

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