Biggest fish: catfish, Beluga, Siberian taimen, pike

What are the biggest fish was caught in Russia, namely, pike, catfish, sturgeon, and Siberian taimen. Fish what size found in our time.

The biggest and baddest fish, real monsters there are, of course, in exotic countries, in the waters of the oceans and rivers flowing into the wild and almost never inhabited the jungle. There are so favorable conditions for the development of such giant fish that they could not be born. In addition, there is no one to exterminate them, which is not true about the fishes of our waters, which knocked out electric current and surrounded by kilometers of networks. Nevertheless, in our rivers, too, still have the big fish, which will be discussed.


These giants are found in our large rivers and reservoirs, for choosing their habitat the deep holes and snags. Some instances deserve to be called these monsters. Soma undemanding fish. They can eat carrion, although in its true nature – real hunters, incredibly strong and violent. (On distribution of som read our article “Catfish the planet”)

The main food of the catfish serve fish, small animals, birds that sit lightly on the water in the habitats of the catfish. Will not give up catfish and river mollusks – mussels, and other bivalve perlowitz. Large catfish may bring a pet. And not one of the fish tribe has no more legends than on kgs.

Writer and scholar Arsent’ev described the cases when a giant catfish attacked in the shallows catching fish, bears, grabbing them by the legs and trying to drag in the pool. There was a terrible description, like catfish, like licking with rafts of young children while mom washed and rinsed linen. Attack these huge predators on adults. And what wonder if, according to Sabaneev, in the past centuries soma reached weight more than 400 kg. Such a monster could easily attack humans, and quite successfully.



A specific case occurred with one farmer, swam across the river and caught the leg of catfish. Farmer saved only the hammer, the former at this time in his hands. There are many other books and papers of som cases of attacks on humans.

In our time these giants are almost gone.

The prey anglers are often catfish weighing about 30 kg. However, in the Volga Delta there’s a mustachioed predators weighing over two hundred pounds, but there is a real Paradise for fish and fishermen.

The last, probably, of the recorded cases yield a huge catfish can be called in case Khoperska the reservewhen predators are dragged into the water deer, and the tragedy in Voronezh region that occurred in the 90-ies, when som-eater dragged bathed in the evening residents of the village Kulakovo. It was a woman and a boy.


This giant fish of the sturgeon family could occupy the entire podium of the largest freshwater fish of Russia, as achieved weight 2 tons and size up to eight meters.

Documented logged data suggests that not so long ago was caught sturgeon weighing 1.5 tons and length 4.2 meters.

Large white sturgeon weighing up to 500 kg fall even in our time. And this is also true monsters, however, Beluga is not predators. Their development and reproduction prevents persons, which blocked the Volga riverbed cascade of dams. Fish pass structures, as a rule, such dams do not exist or are bad. And it does not allow the fish to ascend to spawning.

Siberian taimen

Siberian taimen the largest and most beautiful predator of the Siberian rivers, of the salmon family. In addition, this is a very old fish that were found in Siberian waters for another 18 million years ago. As Siberian taimen think an endangered species of fish, the fishing on it is on the principle of “catch and release”.

Early rich in fish time sea trout have reached the weight of a hundred kilos. Their length reached 2 meters and more.

The record in these times has % to 41.95 kg. But as they say Siberians, somewhere in the mountain rivers are still no-no, and out of the water, fish under 80 kg, if to the eye.


Leonid Pavlovich Sabaneev wrote of pike weighing up to 60 kg, which lived in the rivers of Siberia. In our Newspapers of the postwar period wrote about the big fish weighing 30 kilogramscaught in a forest lake Volga side. Forty-pound fish and now relic are not uncommon. In the Volga reservoirs quite regularly come across a predator weighing more than 20 kg. And it is also one of the largest river and lake fishes of Russia. Pike often is the most desired object of fishing in sport fishing and the anglers.



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