Bezmaternyh types of jigs and their production

Modern specialty shops offer many kinds of gear, particularly popular among which are jig. They are a hook, combined with the pellet, consisting of tin or lead.

Generally there are several varieties of the goods, among which I would like to highlight options, with the lack of bait bloodworms, so-called bezmetallny jig. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that in the water, they make sudden and frequent fluctuations. In addition, these models only work in the absence of any nozzle. As for the shape, it can be varied, but most often encountered in selling jig made in the form of bulb or seed.

Different separate products, and by other criteria of orientation. Depending on this, all bezmetallny jigs are divided into two types:

  • the first are vertical types;
  • and the second horizontal.

Most of the tackle suitable for fishing in the winter time. To improve efficiency, you should get a rod with a relatively low weight, the heavy model is absolutely not suitable.

Bezmetallny homemade jig

It should be noted that bezmetallny jig you can buy in the store, which sells products for fishermen and do-it-yourselfer. In General there are several ways of making the tackle, most commonly used casting method, however, for the home environment he is ill-suited, as it can cause damage to human health. In addition, it is characterized by greater complexity. Therefore, anglers are advised to use another method which makes it possible to give the finished product any shape and size of soldering. Another advantage of this method is the ability to modify an existing jig, if it has any flaws or not quite effectively cope with their responsibilities. By the way, in the process of soldering, you can use different types of hooks.

If the first time to create bezmetallny tackle your own hands — do not despair, because there is always the opportunity to alter it.

So, in the first stage of the process is made by melting a piece of lead, thus it is necessary to observe safety precautions. To avoid burns and other unpleasant consequences, should be used for these purposes at least — to Bank from-under canned food. The cooled mass, retains its plasticity, is brought into the desired shape, preferably rounded, which is just a small hammer. Further, the workpiece should be covered with a thin plate of metal and roll it out to a point at which a piece of lead is equal in length, and its cross section will take shape. Adjusting the bevel shape, it is possible to give the material in almost any configuration.

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