Better and better fishing. Spring, perch.

Every day, spring comes warmer and sunny, although there are bad weather in the form of rain and damp, but spring is already and it pleases. You can fish in shallow ponds or small rivers in the coastal area for micro-jig, which I decided to do today. The conditions for fishing are excellent and went to the shore of the reservoir.

Due to the increased flow in the rivers, this affects the flowing channels and open-type lakes, the transparency of the water is deteriorating, and, possibly, the fish parking spots will change or not. When the water is crystal clear, they mainly use lures of the classic color engine oil and they catch well. And when the water in the reservoir has at least a little turbidity, or after the rains it is very cloudy, then I stopped catching even with bright acid colors, I use more the blue color, which has already proved its catchability on numerous fishing trips. We must try and look for a predator.

At the very first points, which always work on the perch, quite active bites began with the capture of the striped. Since the Kagami 50 bait is a little sailing, unlike the small leeches, it was a little heavier to a load of 3 grams to throw relatively far, in the middle of the channel in the hope of large fish.

In each place I did not stop and moved only along working points in order to catch more, and not to search, I know the pond very well. And the perch, in principle, was at the points somewhere more, somewhere less. The most important thing is that I ate, but only the perch, apparently the pike is completely busy with its adult affairs, I will wait until it comes to its senses and begins to actively eat.

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Perch today was caught quite actively and pleased with lively resistance, active spring behavior. I will not say that it is 100% merit of the color of the bait, no, I think that I caught the bait itself, which at the moment I liked the perch, and the color only helped to highlight in the water column and made it a little more noticeable.

I well understand that each color works under certain fishing conditions, as well as the game and the shape of the bait, so there is no “blind faith” in one color and in one bait, but you can have it in the arsenal and knowing that when such conditions occur it will work very well .