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I have a day off, my friend has a vacation, and of course phoned we decide to go fishing for microjig. Moreover, a friend has a new thing, a stick under MJ.

Arriving at the pond, we were a little surprised that in some places there was a crust of thin ice, although the temperatures were around 0. Well, okay, the near shore is all open and we will explore it and look for striped, and together it will be much easier and faster.

I know from experience that you have to go far to start fishing, but a friend wants to try to catch immediately and faster. They stopped a couple of times, left the bait as if in a bath, and realizing that I was right, went on to catchy places.

Here it is the point from which it is already possible to begin the search and the artillery volley has begun. My scout was an active bait in the form of Hidoku 35 fry in the color of machine oil on a 3 gram hinge. The perch as it should have responded quickly to me, the partner could not catch for a long time and more often experimented with lures and color.

When the bites stopped, I decided to finish off the perch by reducing the load to 2 grams and placing the passive bait Hiroko 38 of the same color, and it turned out that the perch was still there and he was eating. Moving a bit along the coast, I catch and also starts to catch one, picking up a passive bait in the form of a BB Mosya crustacean.

Our coast is more open from the reeds and you can move 10-15 meters and catch a lot of area, if somewhere there are bites we stop and more carefully catch. The perch is all lively and active, is caught from the approach, stands almost at the very bottom of the edge and sometimes goes up, is caught well.

Next we go over and see that the reservoir is covered with ice over a large extent and we have another 50 meters of open water. The perch was here and was also actively caught on passive baits of a small size, but the load was of the same importance and 2 grams had more bites than 3 grams. Despite the fact that the bait was small, perches were caught in good sizes.

At the last point we catch a couple of perches and sit down one small pike, and at this we decide to end fishing. We caught perch today, a friend caught a new thing and is glad to purchase it, and the satisfied went back.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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