Behind a perch in the village

Many of my fishing trips take place on water bodies which are located, although not on a big one, but at a distance from the city, either from the shore or a boat to pump up and go to the points. And there is one pond right in the center of the village, I arrived to catch a fish, you don’t have to go far and much, the only fish here is many times chopped up and provoking it will be more difficult to peck.

Armed with light tackle, and small-sized baits, he went to the pond. Upon arrival on the water, beauty, calm and mirrored water, the tranquility of which does not even want to be disturbed, but necessary.

There are few places along the shore and there are only a dozen of them, so I decided to devote a lot of time to selecting baits and wiring, I will persuade the fish. The depths are different, there is shallow water up to 3 meters and a part near the dam with a depth of 5 meters, I began with shallow water to check how the perch is doing and at the same time check whether the lucky creature went there to warm up and hunt for a fry which is plentiful there.

Long experiments began with baits, sizes and colors, as well as the selection of the correct weight of the cargo and managed to pick up a key to a flock of perches which was located in relatively shallow places where the water warmed up.

It was optimal to use a small Sprut Kagami vibro-tail 50 mm with a cheburashka weighing 5-6 grams and calmly do the coil wiring without jerking and sharp detonations, the perch liked such smooth wiring and if the bait passed in the right direction, there were bites, and the perch spot was local. When the bite weakened as usual, the bait change helped and in order to provoke the perch even better, it equipped the passive bait Sprut Hiroko 38 similar to some kind of larva, but here the wiring was already dragging with pauses at the accumulation point of the perch and he reacted.

When the perch stopped biting, he went to the dam to the depths to check who was there. Here it has become heavier up to 8 grams, but the bait is also not large, and on the very first posting I get a bite and the bait returns without a tail. I replaced it with a Sprut Mizuko 50 vibrotail of golden color, casting and wiring, waiting for a bite, there is a fish at the fall of the bait, a small lump did not miss such a bait and ate it. After that, after a few postings, changing the trajectory, I managed to catch another lump, but he just crushed the bait and hooked his necktie.

Of course, he let the fish go all the way, let it swim and keep on biting, it’s not enough here and it’s good that the residents near the pond try and bring the fish they caught from other places and let them go to their home pond, I saw how they brought some pike that weren’t here originally, the pond was only with zander and perch. I talked with good people, rested a little while fishing, caught a fish, let it go, and you can go home in a good mood.


Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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