Awning on the boat

Awning on the boat

A large number of interesting design solutions are presented on the market, and many of them are simply masterpieces of execution. And here is how a tent can be applied on a boat – for many novice motorists this information remains at the level of personal fantasies, not supported by practice. Since all actions take place on water, and jokes with her are not welcome, in this article we will try to determine the criteria for selecting an awning for specific needs.

What we want to receive from an awning

When formulating the problem of how the tent will be used, three main aspects or questions should be distinguished:
1. the time of its installation and removal;
2. under what wind or under what weather conditions its operation is possible;
3. What functions, in addition to protection from the elements, is the established tent.

When thinking about the answers to these questions, you may have many interesting thoughts. And this is natural. And with practical application, not only thoughts will be added, but also real constructive improvements to suit your individual needs. But it will be later, and at the first stage it is necessary to decide on the design.

Bow awning

There are a lot of serial constructions; they differ, at first glance, only slightly, but with a more detailed study it is very significant. If you need such an awning for "pokatushek" in the "sport" mode, then any design will cope with protection against splashes. But if you need reliable protection against the incident wave and you do not need leaks, then you should consider the choice of an awning with addiction. It should be understood that any seam sewn with a thread during prolonged contact with water will begin to leak, since it is not 100% waterproof at first. By the way, this is not a big problem, because on your own you can create tightness by coating the thread with PVC glue or a special compound.

On the tent itself, equipment or electronics can be placed on the inside. In our company, walkie-talkies were actively used, and as one of the most reliable places with moisture protection, we considered a bow awning. Not just underneath, but on the fabric itself. They glued a pocket with a transparent flap – and for more than 8 years the walkie-talkies never suffered.

Very often you can hear the opinion that a high bow awning interferes with the view, and therefore the manufacturer makes a transparent window in it. The problem is clearly far-fetched, since it, being at an angle to the hull of the boat, does not give 100% transparency, and if a wave rolls on it during movement, then transparency decreases even more. In my opinion, on the water due to the lack of traffic in the lanes, like on the highway, there is no need for a transparent tent, since we get information about the situation ahead from a long distance. When approaching the shore or the passage of a shallow water area, it is safer to place a sailor and ask him to more carefully examine the path “from the height of the captain’s bridge”, and it is better if he does it with polarizing glasses.

On the bow awning, you can attach the net, masthead light, as well as running lights or a searchlight. There are possible options, and on the pages of this edition of articles devoted to this topic, has been published abundantly. But there is another design when the bow tent is combined with the targa into a single design. It is convenient or not – no one will decide for you, since it is exclusively individually determined on the spot, but there is convenience in this, especially if fishing is carried out with the help of gliders and the sailor “manages” the whole system, since the captain often simply does not have the opportunity to tear himself away from the tiller.

Convertible Awning

In fact, having such an awning, the boat turns into a houseboat. A water motor will go for its acquisition, having seriously analyzed the question of the need for such an adaptation. Sailing will not allow moving at high speed with it, and with a strong wind such an awning will get a serious load. Therefore, it is better to consider it as protection against rain. Perhaps someone prefers to sleep in a boat rather than in a tent. Again, this is relevant in terms of protection against theft of both fishing property and the boat itself with a motor. In addition, there is no need to carry a tent and spend time on its installation. There are pluses here, and fans of this type of awnings will always be.

Other functions

Most often on the tent is a duplicate registration number of the vessel. The main one is applied on board, and in a strictly defined order. From personal experience I can tell you that on my boat a sailor almost always prefers to watch tackle while standing when fishing is in trolling mode. In this case, the tent acts as a support for the back. The fact is that when fishing is designed for long periods, after a couple of days the back, if you sit on the bank, begins to go on strike. Thus, the tent acts as a third fulcrum. Therefore, my tent is fixed very carefully and is designed to withstand very significant loads. In those moments when I switched from the role of captain to the role of a sailor, when moving along the wave, when the boat moves in a displacement mode, I lost all patience. The captain tries to protect the back of the sailor and carefully passes the wave, thereby “stretching” and going nowhere.

Once I tried to get up in the boat and, holding on to the tent frame, asked the captain to increase speed, after which the boat switched from displacement to planing mode. Of course, powerful blows to the hull of the boat followed. Using the articulation in my knees, I began to bend my legs like “springs”. Thus, I took off the load from the back, and our crew increased the speed of movement. I will not take responsibility, arguing that such a method of movement is safe, but, unambiguously, allows you to save your back and maintain a decent boat speed. I used this method in boats with a length of at least 4.2 m, and in the 4.5 m long Flagman boat, which has a bottom for NND, I practically did not "spring" in my knees – the bottom took over this function.

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