Not being spoiled by trophy fishing this year, I decided to go on autumn fishing for zander to Finland. An interesting place in the center of the Finnish city of Hamina attracts not only local fishermen, but also visitors from Russia and Belarus, for example. For jigging from the shore, I prepared the new MAXIMUS HIGH ENERGY-Z JIG 24MH with a length of 2.4m and a dough of 12-45g. A powerful stick specially designed for jig fishing, possibly with a little redundant test when fishing on 10-14g jig heads. But the pike perch comes across worthy here. Replenishing my spinning arsenal, I thought primarily about fishing from the Neva embankment, but even under these conditions, when fishing along the lower boundary of the test, spinning worthily worked out its jig mission.

The fishing place was familiar to me, I already caught autumn zander here, but then the minimum size limit was 40cm. Now 42cm, in order not to be mistaken, notches of the required length were made on the railing of the pier.

According to the last autumn fishing in this place, zander successfully caught on silicone of orange colors. On this fishing trip, I also scooped up the LureMaX silicone novelties in FireCarrot orange. This and the LureMax Zuma 3.5 "

and LureMax CheekyWorm 3.5 "

and Goblin 4.5 "

This time the water in the fishing place was very muddy, which was also complained by numerous local amateur fishermen. In addition, the weather was promised stormy. Therefore, not knowing when the “window” will form for a more comfortable casting: day or night, I prepared other, in my opinion, proven silicone baits from LureMax.

Well, before I caught LureMax Yobbo, now there are a lot of new colors. Here is such a natural one.

In shape, size and original colors, I liked the LureMax Ayame silicone bait.

The size range of the bait extends from 3 "to 6", you can pick up on any predator.

Of course, you can not do without acid colors.

And I really liked the white bait. Coloring White UV

and especially Glow White.

I lit the bait with this color with a LED flashlight and it glowed for a long time in the dark.

But on this day, the Black Shad coloring worked on muddy water, such a black-backed one.

There were offensive gatherings, and hard hooks with cliffs. But the fishing took place, the fish caught, new gear and lures checked. Useful conclusions were drawn for the future.

In addition to jig fishing, I managed to check other baits. Hurried, as autumn hastily handed over its positions to winter.

He left the LureMax and the medium-sized jerks.

LureMax has been shown to perform well in recent stagnant fishing trips in Finland. There was hope for a predator capture this time too.

In addition to bait, I caught new for me cords from the company GOSEN. The eight-core W8 Casting PE # 1,5 smooth and strong passed through wilting seaweed and underwater snags and without any problems unfastened the hooks on the jig head with a hard hook. Of course there were losses of baits, but this is on a rocky area when jamming a load in the stones.

For a long time I was looking for spinning for medium jerks and large wobblers for fishing with inertia-free reel. Here I finally found the MAXIMUS DESTROYER-X spinning rod with a length of 1.5 m and with a test of 20-80g, the system is extra fast. I gladly pulled them using the Daiwa Regal 4000 coil. Everything is controlled, and long casts and wiring. And let admirers of trophy jerk fishing not swear. Perhaps this kit is not for crocodiles, but for me fishing with a meat grinder is clearer.

We will experiment, I hope that spinning will deliver a lot of exciting minutes while playing a predator. It is interesting during transportation, since during assembly the form is inserted directly into the handle and remains integral, such a 1 + private trader.

For heavy hesitations and turntables, I got a MAXIMUS WILD POWER 27M with a length of 2.7m and with a test of 7-35g, build-fast. Therefore, for every fishing trip in Fink, I began to carry it with me in the hope of catching primarily “red” fish from the shore. Spinning proved to be quite kidding, although it did not manage to be noted in the survival of strong fish. I think that he will prove himself well with large wobblers on uniform wiring and various spaced jig rigs.

Somehow, the last fall weekend flew by unnoticed. The huge goose flocks in the Finnish sky reminded that they were being driven to warm countries by the approaching frost and snow.

The Finns are actively taking their little boats to winter parking.

And fishing ended with an unexpected snowfall for everyone, and especially for weather forecasters. Which drove the late drivers on summer tires closer to the lines at the border. I hope that I still have time to go to the next closing of the summer-autumn season and catch the coveted trophy. Moreover, local fishermen called for catching burbot from the shore with the onset of frost. No tail, no scales! And strong proven gear!


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