Asp is very tricky.

Once I went with a friend to one of the popular fishing shops in St. Petersburg, to gawk at different spinning rods, and wobblers. It’s a habit, from childhood, to stop by, touch Gear and crack about fishing … A peasant comes here. Such a whole mood to buy something important!

He needed a genuine spinning rod and a wobbler, small but heavy, just like a spinner heavy.

I wonder why he in this region is … intrigued. I decided to say goodbye.

This fisherman turned out to be accommodating and told everything.

What fishes in Novgorod, catches asp. He doesn’t take on spinners, but on wobblers. But he doesn’t let him go, and you need to throw as far as you can!

I once caught an asp. This is of course the most interesting fishing. At the end of fishing, you become a master of long casting with any spinning. This fish always leaves you and does not allow you to make noise or speak, and even more so to anchor nearby. You can scare him away!

Reports from ponds: Asp is very tricky.

I looked at one another. Why not drive it around?

Try your

strength in this matter.

Set a day. We gathered the necessary gear and began to prepare.

I’m rarely in those parts. And this place was chosen almost at random. It’s just that there was a village on the map on the bank of the river, and we decided that it was really possible to lower the boat there.

And this trip was very difficult.

At first we drove a turn, then we waved the extra 100 km along the toll road. And when we arrived at the place, it turned out that it was not really possible to lower the boat there because of the steep shore and trees.

Drive 400 km and break off like that, it's too …

Then we remembered that there was a recreation center along the road. Suddenly they will be allowed to lower their boat?

We did just that.

On the basis, of course, they were surprised at such a request, but allowed.

The river is peculiar.

The bed is about 3 meters, there are holes and shallows. The course is quite strong, there are returns and rifts. Paradise beauty!

The birds sing the sounds of civilization is not heard at all.

We stood in the middle of the river and went rafting down the river, throwing one side, then the other.

Everything is fine, only the fish does not show itself at all.

It remains only to change the bait and wait.

I have two spinning rods with me, one Shimano Sephia SS squid and the second Shimano ForceMaster. Each of them has its own task.

Reports from ponds: Asp is very tricky.

The first is very powdery, and is capable of launching a medium sized lure, 5-10g, over the horizon, the second is great for catching a chub on micro-vibrations with the thinnest cords.

Several casts by one, several castings by another.

Rafting. We flip everything that we see.

Suddenly, downstream I see a surge! Yes what! Rybina at first glance about 3 pounds, looks like the object of our hunt.

Let’s throw it there!

The other side is a splash. Then, on the other side. The fish began to activate.

The feeling that everything is teeming with a white predator. But why are we without bite?

It is necessary to sort out the bait.

Oscillators, turntables, devons, heels … everything goes in motion.

Here at the partner's bite. Pulling out a perch … well, this is not the same comrade.

At the next cast, a perch also sits at me.

Reports from ponds: Asp is very tricky.

Hmm … changing the bait.

Casting in the middle of the river.

Slowly starting to pull.

Suddenly, as will give in hand. Forsmaster bent over. Friction sang. I am fishing some kind of strong fish. It’s good that there are no snags or obstacles, otherwise he would have led him there and left.

I bring to the boat. This is normal! Ide, not bad, about 700 gr. probably.

Reports from ponds: Asp is very tricky.

Reports from ponds: Asp is very tricky.

Reports from ponds: Asp is very tricky.

A start!

After a few casts, the same ide sits. How nice to fight such a light spinning fish.

The heat has gone. The ides and chubs pecked throughout the entire area along which we rafted. Only the asp has not yet been caught.

Reports from ponds: Asp is very tricky.

Here we come to the confluence of two rivers.

We decided to stop and leave.

They threw, threw … well, somehow nothing.

We decided to have a bite.

Apparently, while we were standing, the fish got comfortable. And she began to frolic. But still, at a decent distance. It can be said on the aisle of a possible throw.

Small baubles definitely not toss.

Once again, training in casting began.

I found a turntable with a heavy core and a small petal. How cool she is!

I try to lead both quickly and slowly. Here are the baubles already at the boat. Suddenly how to give !!! Bah! Right 3 meters from the boat!

I saw only a healthy white side. The asp turned around and, like a torpedo, went into the depths. I thought the clutch was smoking …

I caught an asp weighing 3 kg. But this car was clearly stronger and bigger. I do not understand what happened, but he spat out the turntable.

What a shame …

I pull the bait out of the water. I look, and my pinwheel has become like a piece of incomprehensible why. He bent it into a hook and gave it back to me, showing who was the boss. Of course, I straightened the lure, but after that she didn’t play as much as before.

There were no more such bites.

Impressions of the sea! I am happy as a crucian! And I hope soon the court will return again and still catch your asp!


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