Altai grayling on a spinning rod. From personal experience.

Hello! Immediately seditious beginning: I do not really like the Altai Mountains. Do not believe it? But in vain …

The realization that Gorny alone does not particularly inspire me came after the 2nd or 3rd trip (all in different places). Well, mountains, well, rivers, well, larch … I do not argue, once you need to visit there, it will certainly impress. And “love”, I think, is something extended …

But are we at the fishing forum?))) So, FISHING in the rivers of the Altai Mountains, I wholeheartedly and passionately love! Frankly, the annual fishing in those parts is traditionally the Main thing for me in the summer fishing season. I do not spare any strength, time, or finances to prepare for it …

Even if I’m just like that, for free, they’ll invite me to a “just trip” or a trip to GA (even to new places), meaning that there will be no fishing, my answer will most likely be negative …


The rivers where our fishing team managed to catch fish on a spinning rod: Katun, Chuya and Chulyshman. We have the largest experience (3 almost weekly fishing) on ​​the Chulyshman River, so almost all the photos and all the statistics described will be for this particular river. In addition, I would recommend this river to the spinning player, who is in Altai for the first time. There is always a lot of small grayling (until September for sure), and it will not let you get bored if you take the process seriously, given some subtleties. More about this below.

Chulyshman is also beautiful in that the water in it, if it does not rain, is clean. We usually drink it directly from the river. The water is very tasty. It’s hard to get drunk on her. Very quickly I want more …

I recall our first trip … We drove "to nowhere." Minimum information, the mat part has not been studied, only a great desire and great enthusiasm are with you! I add that the route was this: Maslyanino (NSO) – Belokurikha – Ust-Kan – Ust-Koksa (two days of fishing). And back: Ust-Koks – Ust-Kan – Chemal (three days of fishing from Eland to Kuyus) – and home to Maslyanino.

One of the “highlights” of the trip was that the Oka became one of the cars. By the way, I was a passenger in it. I recommend to try!)

And fishing, of course, failed … Which once again speaks of how important the proper preparation is.

He is caught!

We are still told by some familiar fishermen who visited GA, but who do not know about our successes there: “Altai grayling is one hundred percent fly fishing. Only gossip with a "bastard" or "tyrolka". As an alternative – fly fishing or fly fishing rod. Everything. Well this, damn it, is not some Yakutia! ”

Here you are already habitually starting to show pictures in which you and grayling are on the same river where your interlocutor has been, but a piece of iron sticks out of your mouth from your mouth.

Someone admits that he simply didn’t try to throw anything like that, someone said that he had thrown it, sort of, but didn’t catch it … And some said right away: “You caught a fly, and then you took a whip with a bait!” … Oh well…)))

My main advice: do not be shy! Even if you weren’t able to catch “with a snap”, and other fishermen gossip for gossip, do not throw the spinning rod. I understand that at such moments you feel like a fool, not even knowing if you are catching iron at all … But he is catching iron! Yes, how! The bite and capture, when they happen, will give emotions that you will never get from catching gossip!

Tackle and Decoys.

Since the article is about spinning, I will not touch on gossip fishing topics. The tackle is simple, catchy. Some of the features of its application I described in my article:


First: a light fishing rod. It will be just convenient. I would recommend the upper test conditionally "to 10 gr + -". It is possible to be higher (for a brother, for example, Maximus Manik up to 16 grams). The baits that I will recommend are mostly volatile.

But what would he definitely not recommend – ultralight, a la "up to 2, up to 3 grams." Grayling on the course is a rival, which sometimes has to be restrained. Again, the GA rivers are full of stones, under which the fish in the game tries to hide.

I suppose that “ideally”, if it exists, have a spinning rod designed to catch trout in the stream (during the course). For several trips, I worked with the Major Craft Nextino Stream Stage 662 l (up to 10 g), and the extreme Graphiteleader Bellezza Correntia GLBCS-682UL-TW (up to 8.5 g). Both fishing rods work cool with baits (about which below) and with fish in a strong current. The second fishing rod is more elegant … in other matters, over time there will be a "full-length" review about it. For it’s direct “mine”).

I will not dwell on coils. Better easy, smaller, with styling, with good friction … The main thing is that the cord does not "kill"!

I used to work with Okuma RTX 30, Exage 1000, now Stradic c2000s. I can’t say hello and thanks to Antoshka in this place!)

According to the cords: used in different years inexpensive 0.8, 0.6 and 0.4 RE. Now I think that budget 0.6 is optimal. Next year I’ll risk 0.3 RE, but “top-end” with a high breaking …

A very important trifle: a leash of flurick or fishing line before the bait is required! You can catch without it, but the number of bites, as we have noticed, is reduced significantly. My fur was 0.2mm. Tied directly – "carrot". Fastened the bait with a micro-clasp.

The bait.

Number one in our brother and I (he and I from the whole of our big fishing company seriously rested on the study of the issue of “iron grayling”) rating – micro-vibration.

A bait that fits perfectly under a mountain river. Even a strong rush of rolling does not kill her game. The wiring is almost always uniform. Sometimes (in the lull behind large stones) it is useful to “give the cord” and let the bait “crumble”.

As such, “twitching”, as when catching a perch with a micro-oscillation, did not bring results, but pulling with pauses or crashing with a jerk of the game on a uniform found a “response” among the inhabitants of mountain rivers.

And it’s very important that not only graylings

"Taimen" doublet …

I recommend the Pure model from Smith in weights of 2 and 2.7 gr. Our boxes are duplicated many times.

Decoy number two is a spinner. That, with what many began spinning fishing and that to which we had to “come” again in the conditions of a mountain river. At first, it did not stick with them. And then, all of a sudden …

If it’s extremely convenient for the oscillator to fish the “squares”, then the spinner turned out to be a more local bait. Start, large stones, “cups” of rapids – this is her element.

I note the importance of selecting a model. It is better to have a litter heavier (3-4 gr), but at the same time as compact as possible so that when posting against the current it is less thrown out to the surface. Stable operation of the petal is important "by default"

The 3.5 gram Smith ARS is a great option.

That's all about hardware and basic baits. Color options worked different. I liked dark and natural more, but it also catches acid (I searched for the exact picture, but couldn’t find it …).

I advise you not to save on the quality of baits, sacrificing their quantity better.

And yes, single hooks are better! With tees, even small and high-quality noticeably more gatherings. Not logical, but the fact of our statistics. In addition, every year we release a larger and larger percentage of fish caught, and with a loner it is very simple to do.

With plastic, there was no result. The micro-roll graylings “beat” several times, but were not detected. There was still an exit for a superficial “cockroach”. No bite. This is a theme for future trips!)


Mountain fishing is different. I immediately recall the dialogue from Lukyanenko:

– Other – is it bad or good?

– It's different …

Before Altai trips, I caught dace in the micro glands of elts in rivers with a “mountain character” – the upper reaches of Birdie, the rapids of Suyengi under the famous bridge … But on Chulyshman I came across a situation when I was sure that in such rapids, as in the photo, no fish. Then he did the wiring along the very shore – up! Bite!

During the weeks that we lived on the rivers, there was a feeling that grayling can be caught almost everywhere. I will give only the most "classic" examples.

Shallow water roll.

The most classic location. Grayling is almost always there. Often fed with "plop". As a rule, a lot of little things (tormenting gossip with their bites …).

The very place for the vibe. The cast is a little higher from the perpendicular, we give the lure, crumbling to drown a little, and begin the uniform uniform drift wiring. Repeat many times along different arcs and paths. Harek, in the photo above, took the micro-vibration on the 13-15th wiring in the same place. Prior to that, he “tapped” twice.

You can’t miss a bite at the junction – it is always powerful, with instant pressure. Survival is the most emotional: the fish gets into the stream, pulls downstream, makes crazy candles, which the pike never dreamed of!)

In one of these rapids, I was sitting on a hook a fish for a pound … I already spoke about tees?)))

The calm behind the boulders.

Another place where they "throw everything." But they throw in 99.8 cases – gossip! Iron with a high degree of probability can "persuade" the hoar already taught by life and flies.

This year, he walked along the “placer” of such boulders in the footsteps of 5 (5 !!!!) local fishermen with gossip. It seemed that I was going first. First in a week!))

The pinwheel is a little higher priority, but also a sway to the place. Especially good – "beautifully strewing"!


Ples – a relative concept on a mountain river. The current there is still strong. I am characterized mainly by an increase in depth, and the width often decreases on the contrary …

In such places, I caught grayling right in the middle of the river. He chose a hedger or turntable harder to lower it lower.

But gossip from friends bites here almost never happened. Only coastal hariuzki flocked at the front sight.

On the stretches, graylings clung to large pitfalls or in coastal lulls.

Start and "cups" of rapids.

Places are new, tested in only one train. There is fish, but small … It is more convenient to catch downstream with casting, letting the bait play in jets. The pinwheel is more convenient.

Here is such an article. Its main purpose is to convey the reality, productivity and interest of catching Altai, as they say, “small-breasted” grayling on classic spinning lures to those who, perhaps, have not tried this yet, but really want it.


On this, I think, you can end. All that I know is told. This is our experience and the experience of one of our favorite fishing trips. I know for sure that more than once we will go to the mountain rivers and more than once we will feel the resistance of the Altai Sailboat on the other end of the cord!


Amanda K. Benson

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