Additional popper equipment

This summer fishing season of 2020 in the Leningrad Region is unusually warm weather. The weather service says this is unique. The water in our reservoirs has warmed up strongly, and all the algae, using the heat, are actively growing and are not going to wither.

Water lilies have completely blocked the waters of the reaches.

There was a time when I set out to fish among the dense growth in the water – they tortured the hooks for the grass. Following the recommendations, I bought a popper. This is such a riding wobbler depicting a fish with an open mouth. When you pull it, it makes a sound. The inventor heard this sound as: POP and he called this bait popper. I would call him a bulker.

Initially, manufacturers hang two tee hooks on the popper – good hookiness. In open water it may be good, but … Predators love to hunt for small things hiding in the grass. In the grass, the hookiness of the tees turns into a disaster! One tee does not allow a popper to be held in the grass and a meter. What can we say about two tees!

While fishing, I converted the popper hooks. After several trials, I settled on this “tuning” of the poppers. To begin with, I turned the popper over on its back – the first tee lay on the popper’s tummy with two hooks. I always have with me in my bag

fishing with pliers (I’m not in the bath). I bit off the third hook with pliers.

On the double, I tied a double woolen thread in a knot and cut it one centimeter longer than the hooks. The thread has two functions.

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1. Provokes perch to grip. 2. When guiding, it helps to quickly transfer the double to a horizontal position.

Instead of the rear tee, I put an offset blanket with rubber.

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Popper, so equipped by me, I dragged the lily pads over the sheets and between the horsetails – he clung much less often.

We took perches and pikes.

Reviews: Popper Accessories

When wiring, the tuned popper is pulled out onto the water lily sheet without clinging. A short delay and I gently pulled the popper into the water. At the same time, I repeatedly observed in the crystal water of Vuoksi as a perch jumped vertically from the bottom between water lilies and grabbed a broom of woolen threads (with a hook) or silicone with an offset cover.

I do not recommend replacing the tee with a standard twin. Or if you already put a double, then solder its hooks. I had an emergency with a twin. I caught from the island of Kilpola. A pike of more than a meter sat on my popper in the grass. She approached the shore like a log: without fluttering. I began to gently guide her to the shore between the stones. One and a half meters from the shore, I saw it perfectly: the double caught on its toothed mouth with only one hook. Seeing me, the fish sharply headed back to its native element. The twin straightened out and jumped out of the bait ring. The fish took it away as a decoration.

Now she’s probably bragging to her friends: “Gorgeous piercing! Human females adorn themselves this way.

Reviews: Popper Accessories