Activity pike for the seasons

Catching pike can be from early spring to late autumn. However, the bite will be successful. We will try to tell you in which periods of biting activity of the pike increases. And about where to find big pike can be found on our website.

So, in the spring, as soon as the thermometer started some time to stay at a distance above zero degrees, the ice on the pond begins to disappear. At this time, you can take the spinning and rush fishing. Fish in this period will be active until spawning.

Once spawning began, as well as a couple of weeks after it, spinning is possible for some time to hide, so as to catch a predator this period, you are unlikely to succeed. But after biting activity returned, and with even greater force. Hungry pike attacking almost anything that moves near her, not disdaining a variety of baits.

As for the time, at the time, “Jora”, then peck at the fish will be throughout the day. On average, in this condition the fish to be a few weeks, then observed decline in activity. Also, going on the spring fishing for pike, remember that the fish will bite great, if today, quite warm but somewhat cloudy.

With the arrival of warmth and the beginning of the summer months, pike becomes less active compared to the spring months. Such a weak bite can continue until autumn. However, there are times when the fish bit “aktiviziruyutsya”, and often these things depend on weather changes.

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