Acme oscillating lure

Acme oscillating lure

Spinner Wob-L-Rite

Despite the fact that the fishing market is literally littered with spinners of a similar shape (a typical derivative of Storleck spinners), one usually does not have to wait for something supernatural from their game. Asian, and many European manufacturers, produce baits very similar to the lure under consideration, as mentioned in previous chapters on simplified technology, it is more economical and faster, and as a result with a simplified standard game. But Acme does not allow such things. Her style is based on the preservation of time-tested traditions with cutting-edge latest production technologies. The company, having found the "golden line" in the design and manufacturing technology of this or that spinner (in confirmation of this, the high catchability of baits and good reviews of anglers), does not go to simplify their production.

Acme could release a simplified copy of the spinner that looks similar to its original, and of course, reduce its cost, thereby replenishing the already huge collection of spinning consumer goods. But it would be a completely different bait with which you will not conquer the fishing market. And what exactly is the corporate identity or know-how of Wob-L-Rite spinners expressed in? First of all, in its parameters and production technology, including transition lines and rounding radii, which differ markedly from most similar spinners. Stamping and subsequent revision of the spinner takes place in several stages and leads to higher production costs. And of course, in the original game, although it resembles the movement of most similar baits, and nevertheless slightly different from them.

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But as practice shows, this “little” is quite enough to make catchy baubles out of ordinary piece of iron. Spinner Wob-L-Rite is Acme's real fortune, which has no substitute in the fishing market. Spinners weighing 7 g and 14 g were most widespread on the European market. The spinner game is especially impressive for the lake-eating pike and large perch. Favorite pike color is red with a white stripe, which can be called high-contrast. Addictions perch in the choice of colors can be determined only in the pond. But it is noticed that only large specimens of “striped” stably respond to such spinners.

Spinner Fishhawk

Spinner Fishhawk, obviously, is one of the most catchy "spoons" for pike fishing in closed reservoirs and rivers with a weak current. The unique color of the inhomogeneous surface is covered with either 24-karat gold or polished with nickel; it creates not single glare, but an entire luminous path, which when moving the bait to a depth of more than 1 meter is clearly visible from the surface of the water. When posting the spinner, it seems that it does not just evenly roll from side to side, like most vibrations of this type, but smoothly pulsates, leaving an even light path behind. Without any doubt, the predator produces a certain effect and red dots located on the outside of the spinner, as well as a red tail mimic.

Despite the fact that the bait is relatively light (10.5 g Fishhawk spinners are considered), it is capable of luring fish from great depths due to its high mobility and bright colors. Therefore, seasoned specimens of deep pikes often leave their shelters and attack the lure almost at the surface. The spinner is indispensable for fishing in troubled waters, especially in peat bogs. Some restrictions on catching the lureless Fishhawk are also related to its extraordinary brightness. So, for example, in sunny weather, the fish takes reluctantly to any type of spinner, reluctantly blinded by random, powerful glare, but on a cloudy day the spinner is out of competition, and you are guaranteed to catch.

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