ABU Garcia Atom Oscillating Baubles

ABU Garcia Atom Oscillating BaublesSpoon ABU Garcia Atom is the most successful derivative of Spole Storlek. We can say that this is one of its successful modifications with a very specific game that simulates the movements of a weakened fish. The spoon, retaining the dimensions of Storlek, slightly decreased in thickness and weight. But the main feature of the ABU Garcia Atom lamb was its ribbed surface with convex transverse stripes (on the slang “washboard”). Atom in all respects – a classic pike bait, wide and fairly short. By the way, the same opinion is shared by the experts of the company, calling it exclusively “pike lure”.

Against the background of the absolute majority of the lures of Abu Garcia, primarily intended for salmon fishing, the lure Atom is a pleasant exception. Unlike Shtorki, the bait plays effectively only with a relatively slow movement, as already mentioned, imitating a weakened fish. When posting baits Atom – the main thing, to observe one condition: to constantly withstand the desired leisurely mode of winding fishing line. And, most likely, in this case the success of the angler is guaranteed. With proper wiring, the lure does not “scour” on the sides, but trembles finely, creating a vibrating effect only due to a faceted surface. With minimal acceleration, it gets off the rhythm, moves erratically, and becomes uninteresting to the fish.

Unlike Shtorki, bait attracts the attention of a pike during a free fall, imitating a snooping fish falling to the bottom. In the alternation of uniform posting with its temporary termination – the key to success in trolling ABU Garcia Atom. All attempts by anglers to make the bait more versatile, uniting the capabilities of Storlek and Atom in one spoon, did not lead to anything good.

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Conclusion. Swedish bait ABU Garcia Atom is an indispensable and ideal bait for pike fishing in low-flowing water bodies of the European part of Russia. The Atom lure for many years is a classic oscillating lure for pike fishing. Its form, which does not differ in particular complexity, is often reproduced by a large number of firms under other names. However, exact copies with the indication of Abu Garcia are rare, but this is not required, since dozens of European and Asian companies officially produce very similar models. By the way, the game of many bright fantasies under ABU Garcia Atom is not inferior to the original.

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