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I decided to ride with Alexei in new places for us. The Don River has always attracted me, one of the most complex and unpredictable rivers on which I had to catch spinning. And so we go with the expectation of an evening dawn. Around 18.00 already stood with the assembled sets. I, as usual, for Don spinning Maximus Gravity 27M with a Black Side Riot 4000FD reel and a Power Phantom Raptor # 1.5 cord. First, bursts were noticed in a small bay with a water lily. But the jig did not always fly there. I put the LureMax Hoyt 18 g vibrator and break through the water area.

Several transitions and I find a local chalk. I see several bursts in the coastal zone, I begin to make casts. As it turned out, this is a small pike. I didn’t even pick it up from the water, I give the slack a cord as a keepsake and he calmly leaves.

I move further and see a couple of bushes near the coast, literally 7-8 meters and the next bursts of apparently asp, but not large. I make a series of casts across the water area and notice a series of exits, a certain trajectory of its movement. And at the next cast, when only the oscillator reached the bush, followed by a bite. Here is a white comrade. Photos and back to their native element.

I move on. Another bush and a little grass and regular point bursts. I make a series of casts and again hit, but a couple of meters pulled and the descent.

Another point and here is a small pike. I take a photo and shake it off.

So here fishing came out, literally within a few hours. I caught the fish on the same lure and torn wiring.


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