140 fishermen are ready to cut themselves in earnest in the open spaces of the Ob


                    What is new in the organization of the tournament this year?
                    Why is there a limit on the number of teams when registering to participate in the Ob region?
                    Are there analogs of Zaruba outside the Urals?

Dmitry Pankin, the creator, inspirer and permanent administrator of the site FishingSib.ru, tells why all the teams that would like to take part in it are not recorded for Zaruba.

What is new in the organization of the tournament this year?

So, this year we have 2 categories of participants: standart (50 teams) and open (another 20). Registration in the first category was completed on the day of its announcement, the record went on as the applications from local crews were received. To participate in the second category, applications were accepted either from teams whose place of residence for both members was 700 km or more away from the tournament venue, or from crews made up of citizens of other states.

Also, the open category was open to sponsorship teams. This was done according to the experience of last year, when we limited the tournament to fifty participants, but upon completion of registration we were faced with the intention of the sponsors to submit to the tournament not only prizes, but also teams. This year is currently taken into account. Registration for this category ends August 1st.


In the photo: start announced

Why is there a limit on the number of teams when registering to participate in the Ob region?

First of all, the number of teams is limited by the capabilities that we really appreciate. Earlier, I said that it is very important for us as organizers to hold the tournament as clearly as possible and not to make any mistakes either in complying with the rules or determining the winners.

You can, of course, allow everyone to participate. For example, in order to collect more contributions and with this money to expand the "cultural" part of the program. But at the same time, we must absolutely clearly understand how to distribute this number of participants ashore, how to register, fix the finish, weigh the catch, etc. In other words, there is an optimal number of crews, with which, based on the existing capabilities, we are able to hold a tournament at a decent level. This year – 70.

If in the future we find the possibility of organizing a tournament with a large number of participants, then, accordingly, we will increase the limit. But this question must be approached carefully and responsibly, with a clear understanding of the result.

Male interest

In the photo: the participants of Zaruba – the first and possibly future

Are there analogs of Zaruba outside the Urals?

It so happened that today there are no direct analogues of Zaruba beyond the Urals. As for the European part of the country, a large number of tournaments are regularly held there, each with their own chips and features. Objectively, the practice of organizing and conducting sport fishing tournaments there is more developed. And what to hide, we are actively spying on her, trying to take the most interesting ideas and adapt them to the peculiarities of our region. In Siberia, unlike in Europe, by the way, we have our own specifics that need to be understood and taken into account.

Here, beyond the Urals, of course, tournaments are held with video recording, with a large number of participants, and with pleasant prizes. But just by the totality of characteristics such a tournament is one. Accordingly, for local crews this is an excellent and unique opportunity to prove their skills and deserve a worthy prize, and for fans and spectators – to get a lot of pleasure from diving into the atmosphere of high-level sport fishing.

Join us in info space, stay tuned, cheer for the participants! Crews that have passed registration – see you at the start!

For sponsors – a separate offer, more about which you can read HERE.


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